Ultimate Spiderman Gamecube Action Replay Codes


Ultimate Spiderman Gamecube Action Replay Codes Free

After you finish the story mode, you can play asVenom; normally as soon as Venom destroysanything you enter a mini-game and thepolice/military will try to kill yourelentlessly. If you want to go around on acrazed rampage without ever being attacked, justdestroy something to activate the mini-game.Then pause the game and go to your 'Unlockable'section, the game will warn you that this willexit your mission. Agree to exit the mission andthen leave the Unlockable Section. Now, nomatter what you do, the cops will never show up.To restart mini-game, you have to switch toSpidey, then back. Arachnoman: Complete 90 City Events, Collect 90 Tokens & Complete 48 Combat ToursParker Hoodie: Complete 75 City Events, Collect 75 Tokens & Complete 32 Combat ToursPeter Parker: Complete 50 City Events, Collect 50 Tokens & Win 4th Race against Johnny StormSpidey Wrestling: Complete 30 City Events & Collect 30 TokensSwitch Hero Option: on Pause Menu Complete all Story MissionsSymbiote Spider-Man (Black Costume): Complete 100 City Events, Get 190 tokens, and finish 36 Combat Tours, and get a medal in all 60 races.Venom Races: Complete all Story Missions.

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