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How do I choose the best free iPhone data recovery software?There are many so called free iPhone data recovery software on the market. It makes people in a real need hard to make a choice. Once you made a wrong choice, your data will be risky. Then how can we choose a good iPhone data recovery program?

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Wondershare Phone Recovery

The best iPhone data recovery software should contain the following features:.1. Safe and reliable. It should always come first.2.

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High success rate of recovery. It determines whether you can get back your data or not.3. Compatibility, working for all iOS versions, at least the version working on your iPhone.4. File types for recovery, able to recover contacts, messages, notes, photos, video, etc.5. Intuitive interface and no requirement for technical skills.Now, you know how to choose an effective iPhone data recovery program. According to the items above, let's help by listing 10 free iPhone Data Recovery Software programs for use with Windows or Apple Mac OS.

To help you further, we have included some reviews. Reviews from Social Media Portals:.

BestiPhoneDataRecovery.com: Once you connect the device to the computer, the data recovery tool would automatically scan for all types of lost files for recovery. Besides, the ability to preview all lost data from iPhone, iTunes/iCloud backup before you recover them is also an advantage, after all, gives more security for you before the final data recovery. But it needs to be mentioned that the free version only shows you all the recoverable files and lists, but does not empower you to retrieve anything.

PCWorld.com: dr.fone isn't perfect, as it didn't recover all of my deleted files intact, but it came close. It certainly is pricey, but if you've accidentally deleted an important photo or file, you know that some things are priceless. CNET.com: Panicked due to deleting text messages, photos or other data by accident from your iPad, iPod touch or your iPhone? Did you damage or break your iPod touch or iPhone, which had important data on it? Has your data been removed because of a failed update?

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Get the doctor in! Wondershare Dr. Fone is a user-friendly tool that helps you restore videos, photos, text messages, contacts, memos, call logs and calendars.

Even Safari bookmarks get returned to their rightful place on your iDevices. How is that possible? It requires just three easy steps. You can review the files you lost and then recover them just like that.Read more reviews.

Open the Start menu in the lower left corner of your desktop. Select the All Programs menu item, then follow:Wondershare  Uninstall.Note: After upgrading to Windows 8, the Uninstall tile may not be represented on the new Start screen. To access it, please right-click on any blank area of the screen, then click the All apps button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Wondershare Data Recovery Iphone Keygens

Wondershare Data Recovery Free

All the programs installed on your PC will be displayed on the Appsscreen. The Uninstall item can be found in the Wondershare section.

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