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Old Dev Menu ScreenshotThis NAND application (00040000-0ff40002) on the top screen displays the firmware and revision of the Dev Menu, the free space available on the and if present. It also provides information on the current file or device selected, as well as navigation instructions for the bottom screen.The bottom screen has three different windows, which are:. Program - From this tab, applications can be loaded from the, the and the slot 1 card (only a select scope of applications, see below for Dev Menu revisions and their corresponding scope of applications). Installed software can be uninstalled by pressing X on it. Import - From this tab, the SD card can be browsed to select and install a. In later revisions this was renamed to SDMC.

In addition to the marked controls, also pressing X while requesting the installation of one or more CIA will delete them after a successful installation. HIO - 'Host IO' A tab available in later revisions of the Dev Menu. Used for installing CIAs stored on the host PC, this is supported by hio services, and hio daemon on the host PC.

3ds Development Unit Software System

Even though a Developer 3DS has a 'Download Play' application visually identical to the retail 3DS, the text-mode 'Downloadplay Client' NAND application (00040000-0ff40402) can be installed as an alternative to the regular Download Play application.(A Developer 3DS cannot receive software from a Retail 3DS and viceversa due to different encryption keys.)This application is used for easy testing of 3DS-mode download play 'child' apps (DS Download Play is not implemented), without the hassle of constantly re-navigating the normal Download Play interfaceNetwork Settings. SaveDataFiler ScreenshotsThis 3DS developer NAND application (00040000-0ff40a02) allows save files and extdata to be exported and imported from an SD Card.

The window has three tabs:. User - This is where saves for 3DS-mode installed and cartridge applications can be exported to the SD Card. After the initial release, button combinations for deleting the entire save archive or resetting the for the selected title were added. The selected save archive can also be browsed by pressing A.The entire save or individual files can be deliberately corrupted. ExtData - This is where application extdata can be deleted or exported to the SD Card for later use.

SD - This is where backups created through the first two tebs can be re-imported (with the options of an automatic target selection, or explicitly choosing the SD or the Game Card). Exported data can also be deleted here.Applications are listed only by Unique Id.

TWL-mode software is ignored by this application, while GBA-mode apps will always be shown as not ever having saved ('broken' and highlighted in red).User save data is exported to sdmc:/filer/UserSaveData/YYYYMMDD(Hour)(Minute)(Second)It creates a folder in that path and 3 files. The 2 files exported to the above path are.dat and.dat while a folder named // in that path contains.datPressing L+R+Start will, after confirmation, delete all. Home Menu will crash if returned to before rebooting.CTR MenuSelector.

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This NAND application (00040000-0f800902) is used to manage CECs (Chance Encounter Communications, AKA StreetPass) for any of the twelve possible applications registered for StreetPass, if there are any.The BOXes are individual applications which are permitted by the user to use CECs, such as StreetPass Mii Plaza or Nintendo 3DS Sound. And as such, the boxes in this application correspond to the applications in 'StreetPass Management', in 'System Settings' (StreetPass Management is accessible from retail 3DSs). The functions of this application:. BOX Options - this opens up a sub menu with the following options(when hovering over Nintendo 3DS Sounds BOX - the only one I can test the app with):. Box Info - Gives the Out-Box parameters. Message Info (OUT-BOX) - Gives the Message Parameters For the current BOX.

Dummy Message Settings - Not quite sure what the options do here. Create Dummy BOXes - Creates dummy BOXes to fill any unused slots. (does not overwrite any present slots). Delete BOXes - Deletes all of the BOXes from the slots. CEC Filter Reset - Resets 8-hour per source rate limit. The runs a check to verify independently whether the console is not retail before applying this.BossLotCheckTool.

This application (00040000-0ff40e00) is used to manage BOSS (SpotPass) tasks/data for 3DS titles which utilise BOSS communications. 'Pokedex' is an application which utilizes BOSS comunications. This application also displays the 3DS's friend code, although this code is not to be confused with the 3DS's Friend Card code found in 'Friends List'. The user can browse by unique ID the 3DS titles(excluding system titles) registered to use BOSS. For each title you can view details about the downloaded 'NsData' which accompanies BOSS downloads, view the BOSS task lists (implies applications can perform more than one BOSS task).

The Stereo Camera Calibrator (00040000-0ff40600), in a nutshell, allows the user to adjust the configuration of the outer cameras in relation to each other. It can be configured automatically by positioning the 3DS a set distance away from a special chart. It can also be configured manually, by setting the rotation of each camera image and the size of the right eye camera. The Friend Testing Partner application (00040000-0fe00c00) is used to test/monitor the 3DS's Friend List function. It allows the user to test various functions of the 3DS's out-going Friend Card, by giving the following options:. Master Control - (RUN/STOP) (STOP is the default setting) when ‘STOP’ is selected the 3DS Friend Card uses the user’s settings/data. When ‘RUN’ is selected the 3DS Friend Card uses the dummy settings/data chosen to test from the settings bellow.

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Login/Logout - (ON/OFF) (ON is the default setting) What effect this has on the Friend Card is not known. Playing Title - (ON/OFF) (ON is the default setting) When ‘ON’ is selected the currently used title is ignored and a dummy applications are cycled through as the ‘Playing Title’ approximately every ten seconds in its place. The dummy applications used are the applications found in Firmware version 1.0.0-0 of a retail 3DS including the ‘Nintendo Zone viewer’ app. When ‘OFF’ is selected the currently used title (which is the Friend Testing Partner app) is used as the ‘Playing Title’. Mode Description - (ON/OFF) (ON is the default setting) When ‘ON’ is selected the Software in Use(Playing Title) is accompanied by the Date and Time found on that user’s 3DS.

The Mode Description is refreshed every ten or so seconds. When ‘OFF’ is selected the date and time on the user’s 3DS is not displayed. Descargar libro querido fantasma pdf: full version software. Message - (ON/OFF) (ON is the default setting) When ‘ON’ is selected the message made by the user is replaced(not overwritten as it reverts back to the user’s choice when this is ‘OFF’) by the current date and time in the format “YYYYMMDD HHMMSS”, this is refreshed every ten or so seconds. Mii - (ON/OFF) (ON is the default setting) When 'ON' the currently used Mii is replaced with one of 4 dummy Miis and cycles them through every ten seconds with a new dummy mii. This effect can only be seen from another 3DS not the host. Favorite Title (ON/OFF) (ON is the default setting) When 'ON' is selected, the user’s favorite title is replaced with a dummy, which is replaced every 10 or so seconds.Also this application allows the user to monitor the whether the 3DS is online or not and whether the 3DS’s Friend Presence is online or offline.

Every time a dummy setting is refreshed it is displayed on the top screen with a time stamp.Game Coin Setter. Game Coin Setter ScreenshotThis application (00040000-0ff40d00) is used to set the Play Coin count on the 3DS. Obviously this was created so a developer can test parts of their game in which the player can exchange earned play coins for in-game content or similar. It has a very simple interface showing the current play coin count and the adjustable option, the target coin count. SDK 7 DummyEshop ScreenshotFangateFwUpdater 00040000-0ff41f00 is a tool for updating or destroying (thus enabling downgrade of) the external NFC reader/writer's firmware.

3ds Development Unit Software

This tool cannot be used with SNAKE development devices or SNAKE development tools. It operates only with CTR development devices and CTR development tools.NoftWriter (00040000-0f807f00) Browse the SD card for Amiibo images, and flash them to non-locked tags. WMtest ScreenshotThis application is a TWL(DSi) application compiled for use on the 3DS. It is an wireless test tool with its uses explained below:. Scan Test - Scans Wireless channels 1-13 (can be focused on one specific channel) for broadcasting stations. It can detect two types of broadcasting stations:Wifi Access Points - Giving the Mac Address, Broadcasting Channel, 'c', and the SSID DS Stations such as DS Download stations and Pokemon distributors - Giving the Mac Address, Brodcasting Channel, TGID and GGID. ScanEx Test - and has two Scan Types.

Passive which lets you individually scan channels 1-13 (only one at at time) and the DS distribution channels (1,7,13 all at once). And Active which scans all 13 channels at once. When it finds a channel it prints on the bottom screen next to 'Found' 'bssDescCount='. MeasureChannel Test - not quite sure what this does but it for a given channel it gives a ratio(in percentage form), which it finds in its allocated test time ranging from 10ms to 1000ms. And for every interval of time which is specified, it tests and gives a ratio. Noise Mode - Seeks wireless channels in which to make wireless noise (This is not made very clear on the app). You can specify the:Channel where the scanner will seek to make noiseNoise Rate, ranging from 0% to 100%Frequency, ranging from 10ms to 50msSeek Mode, ranging from 1000ms to 1500msWhen the settings are chosen the top screen has two counters which display 'Noise ON count' and 'Noise OFF count' the counters are affected by the noise rate.

Starting at 0% the 'Noise ON count' does not change but as the Noise rate gets closer to 100% the count moves and gets faster as Noise rate reaches 100%. For 'Noise OFF count' it is the exact opposite to the ' Noise ON count' in regards to counting.TWLNandFiler Browse, export, delete and import save archives from TWL Nand. Includes a basic hex viewer.NW4C NintendoWare for CTR is comprised of tools that deal with creating effects, fonts, models, layouts, sound, and text.

There are CTR versions of some of the viewers.H3D Model Viewer. 3DS Model Viewer ScreenshotUsed for viewing Binary CTR Models (.bcmdl): the model can be viewed from any angle or scale, the perspective is controlled by the circle pad and directional buttons.Models need to be loaded into memory through Host IO, so this application is only usable for its intended purpose on a CTR-PARTNER (Capture-)Debugger; on a CTR-PARTNER Capture or Test Units, the model is restricted to three coloured lines depicting the 3 dimensions (x,y,z).There is also a Windows port of this program, running in a specialized proprietary emulator.Layout Viewer.

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