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Contents:.Compressed Memory in Windows 10Originally, the process responsible for the compressed memory subsystem was located within the System process, which is not too convenient for troubleshooting performance issues. In Windows 10 1511 this feature became a separate process called System and compressed memory.In Windows 10 Anniversary edition (1607), a separate process, Memory Compression, appeared that was hidden from the Task Manager. You can get the information about this process using Get-Process PowerShell cmdlet:Get-Process -Name 'Memory Compression'Handles NPM(K) PM(K) WS(K) CPU(s) Id SI ProcessName-0 0 1548 380920 1,1 0 Memory Compression. Also, you can see the actual memory size used by the Memory Compression process using Process Explorer.You can also get the information about using the compressed memory by the system in the Task Manager. Go to the Performance tab and select the Memory section. The current value of compressed memory usage is displayed by the value of In use (Compressed) parameter. In my example, 4.5 GB are used, of which 373 MB is compressed.

To understand the actual size of data that the system is packed into a compressed block, hover the mouse over the Memory composition graph. System and Compressed Memory Process High CPU and RAM UsageSometimes it happens that System and compressed memory process starts to use up to 100% CPU and users disks or starts to increase in size in RAM (you can see it in the Task Manager). To enable MemoryCompression, run this command:Enable-MMAgent -mcAs a rule, the Compression memory technology in Windows 10 works quite effectively and doesn’t require any interventions. If it causes any problems on your computer, it is likely that you have some troubles with system settings, hardware or drivers.

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Fallout 3 / New Vegas version work with both these games the same.Requirement of the mod to work properly is hdr must be enabled in game video options.Most versions do not support hardware antialiasing, so do not enable it in game video options or in video driver control panel (especially important for AMD users), overwise you will see bugs (transparent objects is the most common artifact). Deferred rendering do not support antialiasing in dx9 and it used for higher blending quality of ambient occlusions and detailed shadows.Many software types have compatibility issues with the mod because they hook in to game process or graphics, so make sure you do not run anything like that.

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