Xb 70 Fs2004 Aircraft


This aircraft is quite simply for the person out there who just wants to go fast. Pros annd cons of are wimply these. 2d cockpit veiw tipped too far down see much other than a bit runway.

Xb 70 Fs2004 Aircraft Pictures

Xb 70 compression lift

Xb 70 Fs2004 Aircraft Carrier


Xb 70 Fs2004 Aircraft For Sale

Vc was rather unforgiving in that guages were hard read and even though I have fsx gold with accelaeration installed guage missing panel airplane correctly installed. Clickable switches exept auto pilot. Your speed readout confusing, sometimes going either 225 or 1150 knots.

When tried landing plesantly supriesed handled nicely although lost controll on descent from 50,000 ft if easy realistic would recomend anyone however as it stands wont use because near impossibility low detail all gave 5 exterior prety good. Nice try we know how make good.

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