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Hi all,I've been searching and reading these forums for days and been trying all these methods mentioned here to get Action Replay Max cheats to work with Swap Magic Coder 3.8 luck!I have the original Action Replay Max disc (without the dongle) and original Swap Magic Coder 3.8 discs. My PS2 is the old fatty one, and my region is PAL.These are some of the methods I've tried:- The memory card method where you pull the memory card out. Result: black screen.- The USB method where you pull the USB stick out.

Result: black screen.- The CD/DVD Loader method. Result: black screen after swapping the CD/DVD Loader disc.- The 'normal' and 'special' modes for booting inside Swap Magic Coder 3.8.If I just use Swap Magic Coder 3.8 and then swap for backup game or CD/DVD Loader disc then it boots fine. It seems that using the Action Replay Max as the first disc to load is the problem because even if I select 'no cheats', eject it for Swap Magic Coder 3.8 and then a backup game or CD/DVD Loader, the result is still a black screen!Can anyone enlighten me on how to get it to work?

I'm getting tired after so many attempts.Does the same thing happen with Swap Magic 3.6?Thanks,Lac.

These are the following methods you can use to install the exploit and what versions of what products will allow you to use that method: Method 1: Boot the Independence Installer Disc-Swap Magic Discs-Action Replay/Gameshark Version 2If you have one of these discs, you can use it to load the PS2 and then swap out with a backup disc (in this case the Independence Installer CD), and load it. To do this, you need a fliptop lid, or a slide card or similar tool. Method 2: Copy the files Directly to the Memory Card via USB-Action Replay/Gameshark MAX or EVO-Codebreaker Version 8 or HigherObviously, this method requires a USB flash drive. If you have this already, you simply need to purchase or borrow one of the above products. I recommend Codebreaker for this method. Codebreaker is compatible with more Flash Drives than AR MAX and costs only half as much.


Action Replay Max Download

The newest version of Codebreaker (9) also supports Hard Drives for storing codes and saved games.If you can’t get a Codebreaker, the Action Replay/Gameshark works equally well, although support for USB drives is spotty. Also, if you don’t already have a USB Flash Drive, you can get a version of Action Replay that comes with one. There are multiple versions of the Gameshark and Action Replay software.

Action Replay Max Swap Magic Edition

It is not always easy to distinguish what version you are holding by package alone. The rule of thumb is that if it mentions a “Media Player” on the package of comes with the afore mentioned USB Drive, it will work for the purposes of installing the exploit.

Action Replay Max Swap Magic Edition

Method 3: Copy Files Directly to the Memory Card via Network-Action Replay/Gameshark MAX or EVOThis method, pioneered by our own DiGiTaLeX, uses your PC to act as a code server for the AR MAX/Gameshark cheat disc. The upshot of this, is that by running the software on your network enabled PC, and updating the cheat list in the ARMAX/GS interface, the PS2 will be tricked into downloading your preconfigured exploit files. All versions of ARMAX/GS that work with method 2 should be suitable for method 3. Codebreaker cannot be used with this method.

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