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Author by: Barbara CartlandLanguange: enPublisher by: Barbara Cartland Ebooks LtdFormat Available: PDF, ePub, MobiTotal Read: 74Total Download: 229File Size: 47,6 MbDescription: After her young nephew and two nieces' parents are drowned in a tragic sailing accident off the coast of Cornwall, the beautiful red-headed Tamara is devastated by their loss and realises almost at once that she is the only person who can look after the three children as she loves them so much. She speaks to the local Solicitor, who tells her that there is no money left in her brother-in-law's estate and so she has no choice but to take the three children to their uncle, the Duke of Granchester, who lives in splendid isolation in a vast sprawling but intimidating Castle in Gloucestershire.

Barbara Cartland Pdf

The prospect at once appals Tamara. Firstly because she despises the Duke for the way he had cut off all contact with her sister and brother-in-law as he disapproved of their marriage, thinking that she was an actress when in fact she was a renowned opera singer.

Worse still, Tamara has written a somewhat scurrilous novel portraying the Duke as the vile character she believes him to be! And the novel is just about to be published in London!

Arriving at Granchester Castle in the guise of the children's Governess, she finds the Duke to be as arrogant, high-handed and annoyingly handsome as her fictional portrayal of him and she hates him even more bitterly. Until a touch of love intervenes and changes everything forever.

Author by: Barbara CartlandLanguange: enPublisher by: Barbara Cartland Ebooks LtdFormat Available: PDF, ePub, MobiTotal Read: 98Total Download: 401File Size: 40,5 MbDescription: The beautiful Konstantina Millbank has become an orphan after her adored parents have both suddenly died. In the autumn of 1892 she finds herself in a country East of the Danube en route to live with her recently appointed Guardian, the shadowy Countess Mordhile Megherny. Konstantina knows nothing of her Guardian except that she is a recluse who lives at Megherny Castle – the Castle where Konstantina’s own mother grew up, loveless and lonely. Much time has elapsed since then, but the past and its passions are far from dead. Encountering the brooding and handsome Prince Gregor Razghadi, Konstantina finds herself enmeshed in a disturbing story of love and betrayal.

Between the enchanting moments she comes to spend with the Prince by moonlight and the bewildering life she leads at Megherny Castle with only her Guardian, the unappealing Baron Schenck and the mysterious Madame Zand for company, she is forced to confront the workings of her own heart. Her trust is shattered when Konstantina suspects that Prince Gregor is not, and never will be, free to love.

Meanwhile, the Countess Mordhile has her own reasons for keeping her young and vulnerable Ward under her strict control. How the web of conflicting intrigue surrounding Konstantina eventually unravels. How she tries to escape from her Guardian and Megherny Castle as well as her own heart. And how she finds out that her prayers are answered and that love can be hers, despite so much turmoil, is all told in this exciting romantic story by BARBARA CARTLAND.

Author by: Barbara CartlandLanguange: enPublisher by: Barbara Cartland Ebooks LtdFormat Available: PDF, ePub, MobiTotal Read: 54Total Download: 194File Size: 44,9 MbDescription: Two attractive, intelligent people with one thing in common both of them have sworn never to marry, unless it is for true love. Beautiful and headstrong, Lady Elva Chartham shocks her family when she denounces the debutante balls and festivities of London as a waste of her time.

Determined not to bow to the pressure of polite society into an early marriage, she returns home to the pleasures of the country and to dream of travel and adventure.Little does she know that opportunities for both will be presented to her during a surprise visit from her cousin, the enigmatic Duke of Sparkbrook. Handsome and equally adamant that he will not marry the eligible young ladies paraded before him, they enter into a pact to help the British Government.Leaving the safety of England for Russia and the opulent court of Empress Catherine, Elva and the Duke grow closer as they face great danger amongst the plotters and espionage they discover. Will they succeed in their mission and return safely back to Britain? Or will their deception be discovered as they get drawn ever deeper into a court filled with desire, betrayal, revenge, and ultimately love?

Author by: Barbara CartlandLanguange: enPublisher by: Barbara Cartland.comFormat Available: PDF, ePub, MobiTotal Read: 25Total Download: 984File Size: 54,9 MbDescription: Following the death of her husband, the Countess of Wenlock was living in her magnificent house in London with her son, Donald, and her beautiful daughter, Salvia. Pregled program arena sport 1 2 3 4. One day out of the blue Donald suddenly drops a bombshell. He tells his mother and Salvia that he has lost all their money by trusting an American acquaintance of his who claimed that he would invest it all safely and produce big profits for the family Donald leaves at once for America to follow the man and hopefully recover all or part of their money. Sylvia knows that she has to do something quickly to save them from losing their home and their treasures as they now cannot even afford to pay their servants. She goes to Thomas Cook’s, the renowned travel firm, and asks them to arrange for a family coming from abroad, preferably a rich one, to visit England to stay at their lovely house instead of going to a hotel.

Thomas Cook’s oblige by sending them an American and his wife who are coming to London to introduce their attractive daughter to the Beau Monde. To make some money quickly Salvia then finds herself a job as secretary to Lord Carville who is writing a book in three languages and fortunately she herself is fluent in all three. How she helps him with his work, which she finds fascinating, and makes a lively contribution to his thoughts. How she and Lord Carville set off together on an unexpected visit to Paris, although Salvia knows that her mother would have misgivings about her travelling abroad unchaperoned with his Lordship. And how after all they are able to find what they are both seeking is told in this romantic novel by BARBARA CARTLAND. Author by: Barbara CartlandLanguange: enPublisher by: M-Y Books LtdFormat Available: PDF, ePub, MobiTotal Read: 65Total Download: 809File Size: 44,5 MbDescription: The beautiful Ilesa Harle and her father, the Honourable Mark Harle, the Vicar of the village of Littlestone, are finding it difficult to ‘make ends meet’, owning little of value other than the run-down Vicarage that they live in and the two fine pictures by the famous painter of horses, George Stubbs, that they have inherited. The lovely Ilesa, therefore, lives a simple sheltered life with her father unlike her glamorous and worldly half-sister Doreen, who has been widowed and has inherited her husband’s vast riches And Doreen aims to further her ambitious social career by marrying the dashing and aristocratic Duke of Mountheron, who curiously is a collector of George Stubbs’s paintings as well.

Barbara Cartland Pdf Free Download

The trouble is that Doreen has been caught in the arms of one of her lovers by an unsympathetic man who is sure to tell tales to the Duke and then ruin her prospects of marrying him. Doreen begs Ilesa to cover for her and tell the Duke lies that she was at the Vicarage at the time in question when she was not there. But, when the Duke arrives at the Vicarage and then invites the Vicar and both daughters to stay with him in his fine house called Heron Court, Doreen is beside herself with jealousy – and even more so when it becomes obvious that the Duke is falling in love with ‘the wrong sister’. Author by: Barbara CartlandLanguange: enPublisher by: Barbara Cartland EBooks ltdFormat Available: PDF, ePub, MobiTotal Read: 44Total Download: 303File Size: 41,7 MbDescription: Socialite and ‘professional beauty’, Lady Odele Ashford, is taken aback when her lover, the notorious womaniser Prince Ivan Katinouski, asks her to find him a young bride, who will give him the children he has always wanted, specifying that she must be pure and innocent and of noble English birth. At first she thinks that this will surely interfere with her own intimate relationship with the handsome and immensely rich Prince. But then inspiration strikes. Her own innocent eighteen-year-old niece, the blonde, blue-eyed and beautiful Charlotte Storr is the perfect match!

When Lady Storr receives a letter demanding that Charlotte is to attend a ball at his huge Castle to meet her unwanted suitor, young Charlotte is horror-stricken because her heart already belongs to Honourable Shane O’Derry, an impoverished Irish aristocrat. Desperate to distract the attention of the Prince, Charlotte’s brother Richard and Shane recruit another young beauty, a music teacher’s daughter, Alana, to pose as a young Noblewoman in the hope of distracting the Prince away from Charlotte. Alana is an ethereal and almost mystical beauty, who is an exceptional musician like her father. Reluctantly entangled in a web of intrigue Alana is at first repelled by the playboy Prince, yet finds herself drawn by some strange magical Power in his possession. Author by: Barbara CartlandLanguange: enPublisher by: Barbara Cartland EBooks ltdFormat Available: PDF, ePub, MobiTotal Read: 77Total Download: 632File Size: 45,6 MbDescription: Although the demure young beauty, Kezia Falcon, and her brother Peregrine are part of an ancient and noble family, they are all but bankrupt despite all their efforts. Nevertheless the handsome Perry continues to socialise and gamble at cards in London while Kezia lives alone but for the old butler in the family’s charming but dilapidated house in the country.

Suddenly it seems that their fortune may change when Peregrine finds an unexpected buyer for their one precious heirloom, which is a beautiful necklace made with diamonds stolen from the legendary ‘Queen Marie Antoinette Necklace’, which had created a huge scandal just before the French Revolution broke out. The prospective buyer is the tall, handsome and impressive French Marquis de Bayeux who is coming on a visit to England to view the necklace. But, because he is apparently a notorious Don Juan with whom no woman is safe, Peregrine insists that they pose as a married couple instead of being brother and sister for Kezia’s protection. This is a charade that they will come to regret when the dashing Frenchman inspires in Kezia not fear or dread but awe and admiration and then finally, ¬love.

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