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.Part of thebook series (TH, volume 6) AbstractThe so-called Brambell Report (1965) became a famous document in all Western countries, although it never reached parliament, which was its original purpose. Especially §37, indicating five essential freedoms of movement, served as a reference for many authors. This has of course its reasons. The main reason may be, however, that the Brambell Committee, in its wisdom, incorporated in this paragraph 37 the possibility for every animal to carry out explorative behaviour and comfort behaviour.

Little has been published about comfort behaviour in domestic pigs up to now and yet it might be a key to the judgement of well-being in modern husbandry.


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Article citationsBrambell Committee (1965). Report of the Technical Committee to enquire into the welfare of animals kept under intensive livestock husbandry systems. Command paper 2836. London, UK: Her Majesty's Stationery Office.


Has been cited by the following article:. TITLE:. AUTHORS:,.JOURNAL NAME:DOI: Aug 29, 2014. ABSTRACT: Space availability is essential to grant the welfare of animals. To determine the effect of space availability on movement and space use in pregnant ewes (Ovis aries), 54 individuals were studied during the last 11 weeks of gestation. Three treatments were tested (1, 2, and 3 m2/ewe; 6 ewes/group).

Ewes' positions were collected for 15 minutes using continuous scan samplings two days/week. Total and net distance, net/total distance ratio, maximum and minimum step length, movement activity, angular dispersion, nearest, furthest and mean neighbour distance, peripheral location ratio, and corrected peripheral location ratio were calculated.

Restriction in space availability resulted in smaller total travelled distance, net to total distance ratio, maximum step length, and angular dispersion but higher movement activity at 1 m2/ewe as compared to 2 and 3 m2/ewe (P.

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