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Q Ware facility management software has served the K-12 community for over 12 years and is being utilized by more than 200 school districts nation wide. Our team understands the economic pressures and resource constraints that schools experience today and have developed a complete solution to help districts save time, money and resources.Districts can subscribe to the individual features their maintenance teams require so they never get more software than they need. The software is also customizable. This allows the Q Ware setup team to match it to a districts workflow. The work order system is flexible enough to be used for other service based teams such as IT or transportation at no additional cost. Whether your district has 500 students or 10,000, Q Ware is easy, intuitive, and affordable making it a no-brainer when it comes to school facilities software.

Hausverwaltung Software Warehouse

#1 IT'S SIMPLEThe Q Ware CMMS software is as intuitive to use as it is easy to learn, making it simple for users to login and get work done!Whether you're a building and grounds manager or a faculty employee, Q Ware does not require extensive training to start using. Here are some features that make us the simplest to use. Creating work orders take seconds without excessive fields you won't use. Custom reports can be generated in a few minutes and saved for later use. All interfaces are clean and simple making them easy to work with. #2 IT'S CUSTOMIZABLEQ Ware includes customizable areas in every module that allow users to tailor form fields and labels, location structures, reports, and email templates.


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We offer customization without the complexity that traditionally comes with it.The benefits of customizable software include:. Custom form fields can be created to capture data important to your district. User roles and privileges can be customized to ensure data integrity.

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Automated emails sent from the system can be edited to communicate maintenance updates.

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