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While the MSX never made its way to the U.S. In any significant form, its overseas popularity made for an expansive library that can be found pretty easily at any classic gaming shop in Japan. It may lack the cultural impact and familiarity of the NES/Famicom, but the MSX had its share of classics. Here are seven key titles worth checking out on the original MSX (not the more advanced MSX/2, which deserves a list of its own). From left: BPS's The Black Onyx, Konami's Penguin AdventureThe Black Onyx 1984, Bullet-Proof SoftwareOne of the earliest role-playing games designed specifically for the Japanese market, The Black Onyx often finds itself cited as a bridge between Wizardry (the influential Canadian RPG series) and Dragon Quest (which of course turned Japan into its RPG-hungry self). Curiously, this essential JRPG was helmed by a Dutchman (Henk Rogers, who later would play a pivotal role in the Tetris saga) - but it did fairly well for itself, offering a novel-at-the-time combination of accessibility (previous JRPGs defined the word ') and native Japanese text.Originally designed for the PC-8801, The Black Onyx found a natural home in the MSX thanks to the system's hybrid console/PC design.

Play marble games online free. The game appeared on plenty of other platforms as well, though by most accounts its console ports were nowhere near as polished as this version. By today's standards, The Black Onyx feels painfully outmoded: It's a slow first-person dungeon crawl with a high difficulty level and an oblique interface.

StealthRUSH's Top 100 Favorite MSX GamesThe MSX home computer architecture standard was conceived by ASCII Microsoft executive Kazuhiko Nishi. Inspired by the success of VHS as a standard for video cassette recorders he had proposed the MSX standard as a single industry standard for home computers. This was many years before the PC later became a standardized home computer architecture.

Msx2 Game List

Including software for MSX, MSX2, MSX2+, and MSX turbo R home computers.Honorable Mention: Hyper Rally, Penguin-Kun Wars, Spellcaster, Lode Runner, Columns, Nemesis 2, Tank Battalion, Pitfall II: Lost Caverns, Hydlide, Astro Robo Sasa, Lupin the 3rd: Babylon no Ougon Densetsu, Dig Dug, Game Over, Lupin the Third: Cagliostro no Shiro.

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