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Yeah, I know the raytracing feature only works on Windows 10 with the latest Direct X 12. I was wondering if the card works on Windows 8 and 8.1 at all since the driver list (as shown in the images) includes Windows 7, but not Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. Why list Windows 7 in the driver list, but not list Windows 8 or 8.1?

I've no interest in raytracing until more games utilize it. The performance of traditional 'raster-based graphics' (I think that's what we're calling it now) is what I was more interested in since there is a colossal amount of PC games that are not using raytracing or even DX12 for that matter. It will be nice to have such features in the future, but I'd rather not have to install Windows 10 immediately.

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Installing Windows and all my programs is one of my least favorite things to do. It is very tedious. Popping in a new video card and only having to install drivers for it is far less of a hassle than reinstalling absolutely everything. I will update to Windows 10 when I move to the Z390 platform since a Motherboard+CPU upgrade actually would require an OS update for things to function properly, but for a video card swap?

I don't want to wipe the OS and reinstall everything for a video card swap. GTXManvernacularsquall-leonhartThe device will function on windows 8.1, it just isn't officially supported. (it has nt6.3 strings for installation in the inf)Thank you.That's so weird that it isn't officially supported on Windows 8 though since Windows 7 is supported. I kinda expected support for the older OS to be yanked first like with XP.Userbase is nowhere near Windows 7 though.

And I have to wonder: why are you on 8? I don't remember anything good about that OS.I agree that 8.1 user-base is low, so it makes sense.8.1 performs better than Windows 7; especially in regards to boot speed and SMT/hyperthreading performance. And doesn't have as many spying issues compared to Windows 10. For some people, it's the happy medium between the two, while the rest polarize to one extreme or another. GTXMan Userbase is nowhere near Windows 7 though.tyger07I agree that 8.1 user-base is low, so it makes sense.No, it doesn't make sense. I already addressed the low userbase argument in the first post because I knew that would come up.

Nt6Nt6 Hdd Installer Windows 8

Offering RTX drivers for Linux, Solaris and freeBSD while dropping Windows 8/8.1 because 'low userbase' is contradictory. There was so much underhanded nonsense pressuring users to install Windows 10 that I can't help but suspect this is a continuation of it. Microsoft partially gave up on the Windows 7 holdouts for now stating they would (essentially 'upgrade or pay us to get security patches'), but presently the Windows 8 userbase is dwindling while mostly migrating to 7 or 10 thus 8 users are likely still a target of these tactics, tactics like withholding official driver support on popular new hardware for instance. Quad5NyI saw the strings in the INF too. But they should install on early builds of W10 and they didnt.

(The driver installed without errors, but everything refused to run).You SHOULD be able to install it as long as the correct NT version is in the inf. Which it is.I'll throw Windows 8.1 on a partition later and let everyone know. I think NVIDIA is blocking them for no reason (it has nothing to do with Windows).It would be great if you could find some time to test it on Windows 8.1.I wrote to Nvidia support and they claim that installing Windows 7 driver in Windows 8.1 for RTX cards wouldn't work.They do not recommend trying it, but that's kinda what you could expect tech support to tell you if they don't officially support that OS.All hope in you Quad5Ny.

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