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Yea, yea another Pokemon topicI've been pretty much all over this forum for last few days trying to get some insight on current Pokemon updates as last time i played any game was a while back maybe a year or two.I stumbled on Rudolph's topic and downloaded pre-patched version of SS/HG. I'm using new DeSmuME 0.9.6 as it's simple and easy to use. From what i can tell (correct me if i'm wrong) patched SS/HG shouldn't gave any more problems, crashes or freeze?My problem is this:After graphic scrambles like this games goes black screen after i exit current location. Starts to happening as i get 2nd badge.

  1. Soul Silver Rom For Desmume

Soul Silver Rom For Desmume

From what i can tell patched solved that part? So am i missing anything?I tried all kind of DeSmuME settings and nothing.


My PC is tip top up to date drivers (XP SP2 AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual 4400+,GeForce 8500 GT 2GB RAM). Games run normal, no lag or anything only problem is random black screen every few minutes.Thanks in advance for any insight.


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