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Here’s one of the scenarios you may not like, but which sadly, could happen to you any day. You’re working on an important project and suddenly, you start seeing annoying pop-ups showing up on your computer. More than that, it takes too long for your files or apps to load.

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You keep waiting until you start asking yourself: “Is my computer infected with malware?”Unfortunately, the answer might be “ yes” and your PC could be already compromised with viruses or next-gen malware that are slowing down its performance.This is one of the many warning signs that show your PC might suffer from malware infection. AdambtolbertHi Bianca,There is no denying that windows can be super buggy as it’s quite susceptible to virus attacks and malware infections. I had to take some documents files from my friend.

He gave me a flash drive. I inserted it on my laptop, and my whole data become 1Kb or 0kb. I did not know what happened. I was like the virus has infected the drive. It was a blunder for me. I used an antivirus program to scan, but again I did blunder I wipe the whole data.Anyhow I recovered by Stellar Data Recovery for Windows.

It is easy to use and recovered my complete data than I took heaved a sigh of relief. Later I came to know it is shortcut virus and we can remove it by command prompt also. I was like huhh. Jokes apart, but today, I read this blog and found more knowledge about malware. You describe so well.

Stay Tuned For Danger Patchdownload Free Software Programs Online

I am very thankful to you for such an excellent informative blog. Ioana RijnetuHello Samir! Thanks for reaching out!

This doesn’t necessarily mean your computer is infected with malware, but it’s a scenario you need to consider. Maybe you have too many useless programs running in the background that slow down your PC. Have you checked the programs that are accessing your hard drive? Have you updated your OS and other apps?

Stay Tuned For Danger Patch Download Free Software Programs Online Test

Also, you should run a complete scan on the system with a good antivirus product. Hope these recommendations will help. Thanks and stay safe!

Ioana RijnetuHey there! Thank you for reaching out! First of all, check out the Task Manager function to see what programs run in the background that could slow down your PC, and get a better understanding of what programs are being used and take space. If you have an antivirus installed in your computer, make sure you run a full scan and see if it detects any malware. Also, consider rebooting your PC, if you haven’t done this in a while. Hope these recommendations are useful and can help. RobertoDelPopoloComputer problems are getting worst because people trust free software to fix parts of the operating system that only a paid software can fix.

One example is the Registry file. A free software not only is unable to do the job, it will also put at risk your operating system. Some free software may be linked to some crook people that live upon advertising income or theft of personal data. You may incur into a large group of hackers that will make your PC ready to accept Malware or Adware. As a matter of fact your computer will be slow even if you run a free antivirus or a paid antivirus, the real problem will never be found.

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This type of crazy search for free software caused a shift into the MS-Window company policies that drove them to give away the free Windows 10, an OS that is not backward compatible, it takes hours to install, it fails often during the installation and it will slow down your computer. Such band of thieves are looking forward to make useless old computers and to force people to buy new and faster PCs that in a matter of months will be slow again and they will run just like a 486SX of the old times.

The registry file, if not taken care of, will act like an open door for Malware and Adware. The software engeneers working on the software upgrades will provide upgrades that will be either faulty or they will slow down your PC.


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Then why Microsoft did not provide his own application to repair the registry file that is so much crucial for the good operation of the Operating System? It’s up to them to provide the answer to this question. Ioana RijnetuHello Rahul! Thank you for reaching out! Even if you are using an old operating system from Microsoft doesn’t mean that you can’t be exposed to all kind of online threats and get infected with malware. You need to be prepared and also be one step ahead of malicious actors that could get access to your data.

We have a dedicated article (guide ) on the blog about choosing the right antivirus product:, but you can always you use a free AV program if you are on a tight budget. Hope this helps. JohnDizoeMy advice when your computer gets out of whack it’s best to clean install Windows (i.e. Delete all data on your boot drive and installs Windows to it). This can be a little time consuming but it’s worth it and after that’s done and your video card drivers etc are updated then just being careful on what you do online will keep your chances of infection to a minimum.also, I would not even install Flash at all as it’s a security risk as most sites nowadays don’t need Flash installed to play video on them like YouTube etc works with HTML5. Don’t install Java and for a PDF reader I would use SumatraPDF which is more secure. SkellaHey, just recently few computers in our office seemed having a same issue well, my PC would work fine, I would open few applications on my desktop such as, outlook, MS word, chrome, Media players etc.

Suddenly the pop up came and all the open applications on my desktop were all gone at once. The pop up window was written in Spanish ” El Sistema etc ” and I close the error window and restart all the application again and after some time, it happens again.

The icon of the error window seemed look like something like word document or word pad or something. Anyone having the same issue? Or anyone know about this? I search the internet but I can’t find anything related to it. I really need your help. Prashant SharmaHi, I have a problem that I just cant find the solution to. My laptop is always connected to the WI-Fi.

I have an antivirus program enabled. What happens is that even when I am not on the browser (like preparing a report in excel), even then my antivirus shows messages like “We have blocked this website for your safety”. And the trend is that most of those sites blocked are wordpress blogs that are probably spam. Just today, those sites turned into pornographic sites(and I might add ashamedly that the sites it tried accessing corresponding to my interests in that dirty field). It seems like my system is trying to access these sites in the background while also getting information and usage patterns on me and the antivirus is constantly blocking it. I have run two full scans, one in safe mode, one normally. Both times the scan showed no threats.

Pls advise me what to do. Rin68nyrFound this while searching for a solution but my issue is not on here. For the past week or so, every time we get on a search engine (we have google chrome, firefox and microsoft edge) (on a three-month old PC) it works at first, and then stops workingALL of them! I ran free versions of malwarebytesnothing, and superantispyware cookies.

I looked at programs in the control panelnothing unusual popped up. When I restart the computer, I am able to get on the search engines. Using another device, I looked up possible solution, and for google chrome, it said to clear browsing history.

I did, and that seems to have helped (I am on this site now!). I will try the same with the other search engines. But it seems that there should be something I need to clear off the computer. Mike10000You should try Google Cleanup Tool if you are still experiencing issues. URL:Also, check on the extensions in each browser as you may potentially have adware such as unwanted toolbars. The Google Cleanup tool will scan your browser for known programs and will reset your browser “This will reset your startup page, new tab page, search engine, and pinned tabs. It will also disable all extensions and clear temporary data like cookies.

Your bookmarks, history and saved passwords will not be cleared.”You can also give Norton power Eraser a try, here is the URL:When you use Norton Power Eraser, scan for unwanted applications then scan for risks. Save all of your files as you will be required to restart your computer for a rootkit scan. Do not go into the advanced settings unless you are considered an advanced user or a technician.Hopefully, I helped in some way. Airenehi we have a net cafe and we have 5.5mbps internet connection then suddenly we experience low internet connections yesterday i conducted a speedtest we found out that our internet subscriber give only 1.22 mbps so we call thier attention thier technician arrive and test everything when they use their device a laptop the connection is fine its 5.5mbps but when our computer its only 1.22mbps they said that maybe some of our computer have virus they said thats the reason why whe have slow internet connection?is that possible? What would i do?we have 11 computers herepls help me.

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