Windows Xp Shutdown Patch


During shutdown of Windows XP computer, it may take more time to complete shutdown process. Slow shutdowns are caused many factors. One of the common cause is the Clear Pagefile at Shutdown option enabled.Using Group Policy EditorClick Start, Run and type 'Secpol.msc'Click Local Policies Security OptionsIn the right-pane, set Shutdown: Clear virtual memory pagefile to DisabledHowever, this setting is not the only cause for slow shutdowns. Non-responsive programs and Services also contribute to slow shutdowns.If the problem is seen recently after installing a third-party driver or software, try a System Restore to see if that resolves the slow shutdown problem.How to restore Windows XP to previous stage:K.

  1. Windows Xp Shutdown Patch
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This computer has had this problem for many years. We live with it. It immediately reboots after shut down.


Must pull the plug before restart. No problem in Safe mode or safe mode with network. I have tried the Msconfig routine, disabled all the start-ups and services, Doesn't help.

I 'disabled' the Nividia video card, (not removed) and it still fails to shut down properly. I don't know what else to try.

Windows Xp Shutdown Patch


Windows Xp Shutdown Patch Download

I un-clicked restart on error too. What else can i remove or test? Again, Safe mode works ok. Recently i put in a new hard drive and fresh install of the OS (XP).

Initially it shut down properly. Following the blizzard of updates and software installs to get back up to speed, the problem came back. With all the restarts, drivers and updates a long the way, i have no idea which item(s) caused the problem.thank you.

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