2008 Vulcan 900 Driver Backrest


2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom

.Your Choice of Styles and ContoursWe carry a generous selection of seats for Vulcan 900 series bikes for model years 2006 and up. Choose between Vulcan 900 aftermarket seats that offer accent stitching, silver metal studs that complement the chrome hardware on the bike, and ultra comfortable high-density and memory foam cushioning, back rests, and seats for riding solo or double.Regardless of which seat you choose, inside the seat is a high-quality support structure that keeps the seat looking and feeling great for years of riding. A Seat is an Important ComponentSome motorcycles are designed for short, high-octane rides, while others — particularly off-road models — have a riding style in which the driver raises from the seat to execute maneuvers. But cruiser bikes are different. When you’re cruising, you’re sitting, often for miles at a time. This why it’s perfect to give your bike a Kawasaki Vulcan aftermarket seat that offers comfort, without sacrificing style.to give your bike a Kawasaki Vulcan seat with the comfort, style, and durability you’ll appreciate on long rides. Singer facilita 288 manual youtube.

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