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Live chat is a popular term for online talk applications planned particularly to give online support to users of a site. Such software is used to give instant support to visitors on a site. Live chat support software is a remarkable dynamic feature that allows you to connect to your online audience in real-time.

Through this software, you can customize your communication and know your visitors better. It also helps your targets to know about your brand, learn about your products and clarify their queries and doubts about their desired range of selections. Live chat facilitates your consumers to make the right choice. It also enables you to promote your brand and maintain a direct relationship with your customers and prospects. Overall, the live chat solution serves as a win-win situation for your brand as well as its users.Business goes well at whatever point the organization stays connected with its customers.

Additionally, determining customers’ questions and reacting to their feedback at a real time builds adaptability of business and reinforces the bond between customers and association. It is the most advantageous and cost-effective alternative to be associated with your customers.

Live Chat with Visitors: With live help sessions your organization can get extremely valuable customer feedback. Input received from every Live Help talk will permit you to keep on enhancing and upgrade your website for future customers. It helps in performing both on-site and off-site chat that prove to be highly beneficial for your business. Multiple live chat sessions: This feature enables an operator to handle multiple queries or live sessions simultaneously. The pop-up message is shown up in the chat window when a new message is received. Easy File transfer: These software features also encourages easy file transfer facility.

A user can send files to site visitors or can receive files from them easily. Files up to 5MB can be sent.Other Features Include:. Easy integration with website. Automatic emailing of chat transcripts and call transfer. Automated chat invitations. Embedded chat windowWhen you add Live Help to your business site, customer support tools allow you to decrease customer service response time and built customer loyalty. The benefits of utilizing live chat system are:.

Increase Web Site Revenue: The majority of people searching your site like to utilize Live Chat and get quick support rather than holding up in phone lines or sitting tight for an email reaction. Live Help expands and builds customer trust and confidence in your organization's products and services. Clients are effortlessly ready to have their inquiries and concerns replied before they leave your site when utilizing live chat for website.

Easily Accessible Customer Service: Live Help permits your customers to rapidly locate a client help agent that will aid them with any inquiries and data in regards to your products and services, empowering you to expand your company revenue. Proactively Seek Sales and Feedback: Live Help permits your sales and customer service operators to start Live Help talk solicitations to your web searching website guests.

This permits your administrators to inquire as to whether they require any help before the potential client leaves your site. Receive Priceless Customer Feedback: By receiving priceless customer feedback during and after Live Help sessions, your company can focus on your customer's needs, requirements and questions. Feedback received from each Live Help chat software for a website will allow you to continue to improve and enhance your web site for future customers. By getting extremely valuable customer feedback during and after Live Help sessions, your organization can concentrate on your customer’s needs, requirements and inquiries. Input received from every Live Help talk will permit you to keep on enhancing and upgrade your website for future customers.To build a competent live support chat software, identifying which type you must engage is essential.

So, check out the types of live chat software:Live text chat support: Most of the applications offer text-only chat support. This boasts a high conversation rate and engagement as it is preferred by many customers. Most of them don’t even offer added costs.Live video, voice, and text support: Customers can see and speak with your agents. The main advantage of this type of offering a more personal engagement with your customers. This fosters a sense of credibility between your customer and agent.An example of a situation where this is beneficial is at the time of eCommerce transaction when a customer has to pay for a large amount of money thus, they want to verify if you’re a company is reliable or not.Video, voice, text, and co-browsing: in addition to the types which is mentioned above is a feature known as co-browsing. This process involves your customer and customer representative agent to navigate an application together in a real-time scenario on the web.

They can view and access the website or digital file together at the same point of time.It is even worth noting that co-browsing is different from screen sharing – where only one party can control the screen. This is valuable for filling out online forms and providing peace of mind for clients that their personal details are not even carried over and saved.The popularity and demand of the online channels get a rapid increase as more and more people use the internet to purchase the products and services. The latest advancing technology makes sure to keep up with the recent consumer demand for the higher satisfaction levels of your clients. So, below are some of the latest marketing trends of business live chat software that continue to evolve:Co-browsing and screen sharing: This is a great tool for users to interact with the website in a real-time scenario together for better assistance and guidance. Your agents may even assist in completing the tasks on behalf of your customers.Social Media integration: Enabling a live chat support software on your social media increases your customer reach as many customers widely use social media platform to interact with their preferred brands. This also cuts downtime in redirecting the customer to your website.CRM integration: this improves your customer service quality by getting background information of your customers with the help of chat histories.

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This even saves every chat and converts your customers into aa potential sales lead.Starting chat: Reaching out to potential customers first is an excellent proactive technique as some customers may hesitate to chat first. Shoppers are seven-times more likely to be converted into customers if they are invited to a web chat software.Automated pop-up message: This fosters customer engagement as you can even customize a pop-up message for regular website visitors.

You may even use this feature for visitors who browse specific content and make an offer.Engagement and communication are some of the key factors which are required for customer satisfaction. Live chat can address this if implemented properly. Knowing the following need of the business live chat software can help you maximize the software effectiveness to boost your business operations. So, here are some of the benefits of the best live chat software:Reduced Support Costs: Offering phone support is expensive as each customer support agent can handle only one call at a particular time. Moreover, live chat support agents can manage multiple conversations at the same time, which means that they can serve a number of customers at the same time than phone support agents.Increased online sales: Online retailers learn about visitor’s behavior on their website with the help of metrics. They can use the webchat software to direct visitors to less popular product pages, proactively reply to questions they may have, and use co-browsing to make suggestions about products visitors might wish to buy.Improved customer service: Though many of the companies offer self-help tools like FAQ pages and knowledge base, so that customers may be able to use them effectively. These companies can offer live chat help along with the self-service resources to help customers make full use of them.

This can even boost customer satisfaction and reduce the company expenses on phone support.Generating more traffic: Companies in some of the industries use their website for advertising their services or products and hope that visitors will contact them.Moreover, a prospective customer may be hesitant to contact businesses such as insurance agencies, car dealerships, law firms until they get answers to their questions. Such companies can use the live chat to answer the common questions that may be keeping customers from contacting them.Live chat service should always go with your business. It must suit your purpose and meet your requirements. To select an appropriate live chat service provider, consider the following factors:. Employ Sales Resources Around Your Live Chat Support SoftwareIt is the sales team who has a one-to-one talk with your consumers.

They have a good idea about your audience, their behavior, interests, and preferences. Moreover, they know which target group is more likely to purchase. Based on such understanding, they shall be the best ones to influence live conversations and promote products - to make a sale!. Strategize Your Live Chat CommunicationTo address different queries of a diverse audience, look for software that will generate chat analytics and report, in real time. Study the report data to know when your consumers are active in chats and what kind of questions they pose. Based on such analysis, be ready with personalised answers that will solve individual queries and help you sell your product.

Train Your Sales EmployeesDuring the training sessions, your sales employees must go through product reviews, videos, and detailed product information. Knowing such data will help them to take better care of your customers, give a quick response to their queries and offer the right product to the right customer. Schedule Your Availability for Live ChatTake a step back to assess when most of your visitors are live. Based on their probable availabilities and convenience, schedule your live chat sessions. Thus, when your audience needs you, you and your sales team are consistently present. Incorporate Message FeaturesInclude a message feature to help your audience, in your absence. The best way is to have a Message Form where they can post their queries in details.

Later, when you come online, you will know your potential visitors before-hand and can follow-up with them. Incorporate “Time On Site Feature”With this feature, you can tap on your customer, while your pages load in the browsers. Loading time beyond 10 seconds automatically takes your visitors away from your site.

In such a scenario, you can still leave a positive impression and ensure active presence, whenever they need. Customize Your Live Chat SoftwareFor better branding of your products, you can customize the look and feel of your live chat module and suit it to your brand. With this, you shall have better brand connect with your audience and can easily convince them to buy your products through your chats.

Also, make the chat module easy-to-locate within your website; and try to start-off with a personal message. Short, Sweet and Professional ResponseIt is simple - Short, sweet and professional responses land you Sales! Choose simple and lucid language and maintain professionalism in your replies. Also, make use of quirky words and mix region-specific language within your communication to win the hearts of your audience, in an amazingly professional manner.

While responding with words, if need be, offer discount coupons, which shall maximize your chances and influence consumers to purchase your product. Boost Social ConversationsAfter building a good rapport with your audience and satisfying them with your excellent products, ask them to share their experience and provide feedback on social media sites. They shall be more than delighted to do so and using such content and promotional tags, you can enhance your branding and reach more people. Further, you can also use your social media conversations and turn them into fruitful content for your website blogs. With this, you can boost social conversations and create new content for expanding your online presence.?Other Factors-Identifying the purpose of best live chat software and ensuring that it matches with your business goals and objectives is essential for maximizing the system and achieving success. With the numerous products available, it can be so much challenging to choose one.

So, here are some of the things to look when choosing a live support chat software for your business:Self-hosted vs. Cloud-hosted: They are some differences between these deployment options. Self-hosted services are hosted on your own organization servers or technical infrastructures. A cloud-hosted software is facilitated by the internet, and it even resides on a third-party server.While choosing one totally depends on your business requirements, there is a reason why many products nowadays are available as a cloud-hosted application. It has regular updates, accessibility anywhere and anytime, no needed for the IT infrastructure, 24/7 support, security and bug control, recovery, and data backups.Easy customization: Branding is essential for businesses. Therefore, all elements of your website must deliver a consistent visual experience, which includes your lie chat interface.

Choosing one that is customizable is essential so that you can promote your brand image cohesively through personalizing languages, colors, styles, chat banners, and fonts.Price vs. Value: When considering pricing plans, going for the cheapest and affordable option is not necessarily the best choice. While other packages and products may come at a higher price tag, its advanced features may give value to your business and offer higher returns in the long run as well.Third-party software integrations: Seamlessly integrating your software with current business tools is crucial for a hassle-free and convenient data flow. Taking into consideration how well a software integrates with various relevant, feature-packed applications helps you to stay ahead of the competition.Onboarding: Choosing a website chat software that is easy to use so that you won't have to undergo a long learning curve in understanding and setting it up. There are various options that can be easily integrated into your website by copy-pasting chat codes on the website page, which even lets you initiate it within a few seconds.Multi or simple channel support: Consider your business requirements on what type of chat support you need. Some offer additional functions and features to provide 360-degree supports such knowledge base, NPS surveys, and integrations of call back support.Mobile support: It is much more essential for a customer chat support to be mobile-ready with the number of people accessing websites with their phones.

It must be available for all the smartphones and platforms to cater to all your customers. Having a native application on Android and iOS is also available.Security: Being protected from cyber hacking and data breaches is an absolute priority for businesses. The active vendor firewall, data backup plan, infrastructure in use, and privacy policies are only some of the things which you must inquire about before making a purchase.24/7 support: Having a reliable software with the help of email, phone, or chat is much more crucial when choosing a live chat system as it reflects how well their products work. It is essential to be able to reach out to your vendors 24/7, 365 days a year and ask for assistance when you need it.After you have installed your live chat module, here are ways by which it will help you generate more leads and subsequently more Sales:#1 Higher Page RanksLive chat modules in websites result in high user engagement, which again improves rankings in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Higher page ranks in Google, Yahoo and Bing will automatically bring more traffic to your website, thus connecting more people to your website and increasing the chances of Sales.#2 Works Even In Your AbsenceThanks to the “Message” and “Time On Site” features, you can connect with your customers, even without being live. By integrating your chat box to a fixed email id, you can keep track on all messages that come to your website, in your absence. Thus, you can easily know your customer wants and can soon devise a perfect solution for getting more Sales.#3 Boost Conversion RatesLive chat is a great opportunity to turn your leads into customers and further to loyal customers.

By knowing the key interests and desires of your visitors, you can cleverly influence them to try out your product and develop productive relationships.#4 Consumer AnalyticsLive chat systems also provide useful analytics and consumer data using which you can plan your future communication for each of your target audience. When you communicate better with your customers, they also become a better consumer.

With this, you will get to know your customer in a better way, have more sales and engage in a long-term relationship with them.ConclusionTo conclude, the live chat software is less an application and more an effective branding tool. It bridges the gap between your brand and its audience and gives you more insights about your targets. Through the strategic use of the live chat module, you can improve your relationship with your customers, enhance your product awareness, get higher reach, and ultimately increases your Sales. Thus, live chat is an effective and efficient way to expand your brand and bring in more revenue!!.


Capturas. Bring the best live chat for WordPress with you and help your online customers anytime, anywhere. By talking directly with customers, you can collect real-time customer feedback, boost sales, and manage customer relationships with ease. From the LiveChat dashboard you can monitor all traffic and actively initiate a chat whenever you feel your visitor needs help.

Customize all of the settings and messaging of your live chat widget to match the style and look of your brand. LiveChat keeps a full record of your chat conversations. Use them to learn more about customers and refine your customer service. FAQ Do I need a LiveChat account to use this live chat plugin?Yes – you can create your live chat account. Do you offer a free trial?Yes, you can test all of the features of our live chat software for 14 days. Sign up for free here. Are there any limitations during the trial period?No, during the 14-day trial, by default, you will be able to test all of the features in the Team plan.


Is it required to install any additional software to use LiveChat?Just this live chat plugin; LiveChat works as SaaS and doesn’t require any extra service to work. Do you provide live chat support?YES! You can live chat with us anytime – we are available 24/7/365! Can I use this live chat service on any type of website?Yes — it is possible to add our live chat widget to any website using Javascript. How many website visitors can contact me via this live chat plugin in real time?One live chat operator can handle up to 99 talks at the same time. What e-commerce platforms does LiveChat integrate with?Currently we integrate with BigCommerce, Shopify, Volusion, Big Cartel, Magento 1, Magento 2, 3dcart, Commerce V3, CoreCommerce, CS-Cart, Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), Ecwid, ekmPowershop, LemonStand, Shoplo, Miva, OpenCart, osCommerce, PrestaShop, SITE123, AmeriCommerce, Wix, WooCommerce, X-Cart, Zen Cart, VirtueMart, nopCommerce. I am logged in.

How do I start?The first thing you need to do is change the live chat status to ACCEPT CHATS. That will allow you to start answering incoming chats from customer. You can also refer to our for more details. Do I need to be logged in to be available for chats?Yes, you need to stay online to allow customers to contact you.

If no one is available, your live chat window will be shown as a ticket form – click to learn more about tickets in LiveChat. Is there a limit to the number of chats I can take?No, you can handle an unlimited number of live chats with any number of customers. Is it possible to track on-site visitors through this live chat plugin?YES! With LiveChat – live chat plugin for WordPress, you can see your visitor’s important information, such as their location, the page they are currently viewing. Is the chat window customizable?Yes, each part of the chat window can be customized – company logo, live chat theme and more.

Can I upload my own custom live chat buttons?Sure thing — you can upload different type of buttons and use them to trigger the live chat window. Can I proactively reach out to my website visitors and offer help?It is possible to send to your website visitors based on “live chat triggers”, such as the number of visited pages or time spent on the website.

Does your live chat software support other languages?Short answer: LiveChat supports 45 languages. Long answer: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese. You can learn more about the supported languages. How do I add more live chat agents?Just head to AGENTS ADD AN AGENT to start adding new live chat agents.

Is it possible to specify a user role to my live chat operators?Yes – there are three use roles available in your live chat license, each serving a different purpose. There is a live chat owner role, live chat administrators and live chat agents. To find more navigate to our. Can I disable the live chat widget on mobile devices?It is possible to prevent the live chat window from popping up on mobile devices. What can I customize in the live chat dashboard?You can customize a range of features, like the, and and some other advanced live chat settings.

How does the live chat app work after hours?When you go offline, your live chat widget is replaced with a ticket form. It means that visitors can still leave you questions as tickets. To manage tickets you need to log into your live chat app. How to personalize my live chat avatar?To edit the live chat avatar, simply navigate to the AGENTS section, pick your account and click EDIT.

Apart from changing the picture, you can edit the name and title for your avatar. Does LiveChat support multiple websites?Yes, you can use our live chat to monitor multiple websites using a single interface. Additionally, you can customize the look of the live chat widget per website.

Is it possible to change the position of the live chat widget?Definitely – you can move your live chat from the right side of the screen to the left using. Can I have my customers include their contact details when they are asking for support?Sure, you can use the pre-chat survey at the beginning of each live chat to collect relevant information, such as an email address or phone number. How can I get notified of incoming live chats?There are sound and visual notifications available to make sure that no chat or message goes unnoticed. Can I live chat with customers on my mobile?With our for iPhone, iPad and Android you can chat everywhere: in a car, at home or while shopping. How to view chat transcripts?Each live chat is saved as a chat transcript for future reference, and available to view from the Archives section.

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Is there an option to delete some of the live chat transcripts from Archives?You have to contact our live chat support team — they will be more than happy to help you with that. Can I add live chat to Facebook?It is possible to place a live chat option on your Facebook fan page that will open a whole new channel for your customers to use – read more about the live chat integration with Facebook. Can live chat agents help one another when chatting with customers?Sure thing – they can use use chat transfers to hand over their chats to other live chat agents. Additionally, each ongoing chat can be supervised in real time for coaching purposes. Read more on the transfers and supervision features. Can I deactivate my live chat widget momentarily without having to remove the plugin?There are two ways to do that – you can set your live chat status to “Don’t accept chats” (.remember to disable the ticket form), or you can disable the chat widget on selected pages using the feature. I can’t seem to remember a password to my live chat account.Don’t worry – you can easily set up a new password using this.

What are the other integrations offered by LiveChat?LiveChat conveniently integrates with a broad range of apps and services to ensure everything is at your fingertips. They are categorized in a various types:,. Do you offer any tips on how to live chat I could check?Sure – head over to our for best practices and tips on how to your company can benefit from live chat support. Do you have any reviews from your customers I could check?Here are some our customers sent us. I love LiveChat.

How can I promote it?Feel free to leave us a review. Your feedback is really important to us, as it helps others discover our live chat software. How do I learn more about LiveChat and your live chat plugin?Navigate to our and start a live chat with us!

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