Arcsoft Photostudio 6


Great productFinally I can open all my old Photostudio files & pictures! I was really worried about this version working with windows 8.1 but I had no problems getting it downloaded and pulling up all my old files. I really don't think this is a 'new & sealed genuine' cd it all looks a little home made. The cd label wasn't quite as clear as you would think a genuine label should be and the shrink wrap around the plastic case was loose and not done well. No box and no authenticityhologram. But who cares? It works and that's all that matters.


. Edition: of course, as its name suggests, ArcSoft PhotoStudio is a picture editing program.

It has plenty of advanced and efficient tools which will enhance your digital photo's quality. Among them, we can quote simple selection, magnetic lasso, Smoothness, Detail, Saturation, Contrast, and Brightness, Auto-Exposure, Auto-De-Noise, Record Macro, Scratch Removal, and Equalization, and so on. High Dynamic Range: apart from that, this program includes a HDR feature or High Dynamic Range. This feature allows combining three same images with different exposure levels in order to have an impressive, vibrant and detailed image. Loading format: one of the advantages of using ArcSoft PhotoStudio is that it supports files from professional camera such as Nikon, Canon as well as RAW format and it is one of the few applications that can take charge of 30.000x30.000 pixels files. Management: it also enables users to browse, search and organize their files due to a powerful browser.

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Arcsoft Photostudio 6 For Mac

Indeed, this program embeds tags, ratings functions and a calendar. And to complete all features above, it has a printing function which will arrange photo for printing at the size users want.Pros. It has an intuitive and clean interface.Cons.


This is a trial version.

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