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Jimmy Bergmark – JTB WorldThis class is for anyone who wants to learn how to manage network licenses. You will learn the steps required to install and configure Autodesk Network License Manager and use the Options file to manage group license permissions. We will also cover command-line tools, how to troubleshoot and diagnose problems, optimization, limit borrowing, and upgrade licenses. You will learn how to list current users and create usage reports. This class will benefit everyone new to network licenses and those that want to learn more.Handout:Presentation:This class can be viewed on YouTube: and on.Latest UPDATE done 2018-12-20. This document is modified and complemented after the class with more information and any recent changes.

Learning ObjectivesAt the end of this class, you will be able to: Report license usage Install and configure Autodesk Network License Manager Troubleshoot network license issues Manage network licenses About the SpeakerJimmy Bergmark has used, customized, and programmed AutoCAD®-based products since 1989. Jimmy has worked as an engineer using AutoCAD, as well as a CAD manager for a larger company. He is the owner of JTB World, and works with software development, customization, and consulting. His main focus is on: AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, Autodesk® Revit®, C#, VB.NET, VBA, AutoLISP®, Visual LISP®, FlexNet, network licenses, license usage reports, etc.Email:Table of ContentsCascading Behavior for the Autodesk Industry CollectionsInstall and configure Autodesk Network License Manager Autodesk Network License ManagerNetwork licenses are managed by one or more network license managers running on servers within your company’s network. The network license manager is the software that makes licenses available to users. Network licensed software installed on workstations does not require individual registration and activation. Network licenses are also called 'floating licenses,' because they are not tied to a particular workstation or user.


Most network licensed Autodesk products allow you to run unlimited concurrent sessions of a product on a single workstation while using only one network license.With network licenses you can have more installations of software than you have licenses for. With for example 100 network licenses of AutoCAD there can be a maximum of 100 concurrent users running AutoCAD at any point in time but more than 100 computers can have AutoCAD installed.Network licenses are more expensive than single licenses. Make sure to get a good return of investment (ROI) for them. The more users the easier it is to save money by using network licenses. Depending on how much the users are using the Autodesk product, network licenses can make sense even for companies with just 5-10 users. For companies with more users there is almost never a reason to have single licenses.When you start a network licensed Autodesk product, it requests a license from the license server.

If the number of available licenses has not been exceeded, the Network License Manager assigns a license to the computer, and the number of available licenses on the license server is reduced by one.Likewise, when the last session is closed, the license is released and checked in to the License Manager. TriviaAdLM or NLM is often used as short for Autodesk Network License Manager.Network licenses are also known as floating licenses or concurrent licenses.Autodesk’s network license manager is based on Flexera Software’s FlexNet Publisher license manager product.FlexNet was formerly known as FLEXnet and before that FLEXlm.FLEXlm was originally a joint development by GLOBEtrotter Software and Highland Software in 1988 and has since then been developed and owned by GLOBEtrotter, Macrovision, Thoma Cressey Bravo (Acresso Software) and today Teachers' Private Capital (Flexera Software). PlanningThe Network License Manager can be installed on one or multiple servers. There are three possible server models that support the Network License Manager. A server network can include Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux servers in any combination.Take into consideration factors like the number of users, how much they will use the software, how many part time users and full time users are there, a user might be a lot on meetings or on site, another user might use the software almost all the time while another user spends a lot of time using other software. What does the existing network look like, are there multiple offices, what is the network connection speed and reliability between the offices?

How should you handle license downtime and what does it cost?Autodesk Network License Manager software does not cost anything but hardware and other software does plus the extra time it takes to manage multiple servers. This has to be compared to the cost of a potential server failure where users will not have access to their software.There are advantages and disadvantages of each model and sometimes a mix of the models is the best choice.Single License ServerIn the single license server model, the Network License Manager is installed on a single server.Advantages of the Single License Server Model Because all license management takes place on a single server, you have just one point of administration and one point of failure. 2019-12-05 2.5.0 released.

2019-12-03 2.1 released. Better Offset for AutoCAD. 2019-11-18 11.7.0 released. Time to upgrade or request a free fully functional trial.

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Your companion. 2019-11-14 3.1.1 released. 2019-11-08 1.3 released. 2019-10-21 2.0.1 released. 2019-10-18 for AutoCAD 1.5.3 released. 2019-10-15 1.3 released.

2019-10-15 5.6.4 released. Batch create and update text and attributes or insert blocks on hundreds of drawings automatically. 2019-10-15 2.1.2 released. 2019-10-15 released. 2019-09-16 2.5.2 released. 2019-09-01 for AutoCAD 2020 and BricsCAD released.

2019-09-01 7.3.1 released. Makes it easy to edit properties on multiple sheets in AutoCAD Sheet Set Manager. 2019-08-19 1.0.1 released. 2019-08-19 4.0.5 released. 2019-08-12 4.2.1 released. 2019-08-12 2.0.3 released. 2019-08-12 3.2.1 released.

2018-07-30 1.2 released. 2019-07-08 2.0.2 released. 2019-06-29 3.0.1 released. 2019-05-25 2.2 released.

2019-03-28 2.0.1 released. 2019-03-28 5.1 released. Script and batch processing for AutoCAD. 2019-03-28 1.0.2 released. 2019-03-28 1.8 released. 2019-03-28 1.3 released.

2019-03-28 4.2 released. 2019-03-28 updated.

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2019-03-28 2.1 released. 2019-03-28 1.2.1 released. 2019-03-28 1.6.1 steel shape drafting app for AutoCAD released.

2019-03-28 1.1 released. 2019-03-28 1.6.1 released. 2019-03-28 3.1 released.

2019-03-28 updated for AutoCAD 2019. 2019-03-28 updated. 2019-03-28 updated. 2019-03-28 updated.

Highlight edited dimensions for AutoCAD. 2019-03-28 updated. 2019-03-28 updated.

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2019-03-28 updated. 2019-03-28 1.2 released. 2019-03-28 updated. 2019-03-28 2.1 released. 2019-03-28 1.2.1 released. 2019-03-28 updated.

2019-03-28 updated. Mass produce PDF and/or DWF.

2019-03-28 updated. 2019-03-28 3.1 released. 2019-03-28 2.1 released.

2019-03-28 updated.

Hello!I have recently installed AutoCAD 2008 on a new Windows 10 computer. Everyday when I open AutoCAD for the first time, I receive the 'AutoCAD 2008 Product Registration' message asking me to click on either 'Activate the product' or 'Run the product'. I, of course choose to activate the product using the Serial Key that I have from my purchased AutoCAD software disk aand then insert the activation code of the day. Can anyone help me understand why I have to do this everyday and how do I get my activation to stick? I am now receiving messages that I have used up my allotted number of activations. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Dave. 2008 on Windows 10 is probably going to be a problem. Not just because it's old software on a new OS but because of the way Autodesk licensing works now.

I even had trouble installing 2018 on my new Windows 10 computer. I had to download new installation files from the subscription site.

The old installation files that I used last year to install on my previous computer didn't work anymore. The program installed fine, and it was working yesterday, but today it wouldn't open. I kept getting a message about the licensing service not working and it was telling me to enter a different serial number or log into my account as a different user. So, after I spent hours chasing my tail, I finally downloaded and installed using the new files and everything is working fine now.So, as ammobake mentioned, you should contact Autodesk support and ask them nicely if they will honor your old software and allow you to install it. With Bentley Microstation the moment you use the software after your license expires they can immediately charge you for another term period depending on what plan you have which can be like 3 grand (oof). Even if it's like a few minutes.

Plus it's pretty overpriced and you only get access to other bentley programs for like a month or something after subscribing.Hope I never have to deal with that again.They also have a thing where if you install the license on two computers and you use it at the same time they will actually somehow dick tracy that thing over the interwebs and charge you for two seats for the term period.ChriS.

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