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So, ever wondered how we make fixtures for our and others’ patches? Well, it’s the.RSG files we edit! The RSG files contain Cricket07 fixtures. They include all the teams, locations, date(s) and possibly overs. It might be hectic to edit, so we are publishing a Cricket07 Fixture Editing (RSG File) editing tutorial by Yudi from PlanetCricket!

After this tutorial, you will know how to edit fixtures and create/edit fixtures of our patches! (.RSG files is their extension).

A fixture our fan created with this tutorial! What is an RSG file?RSG files for Cricket 07 contain the fixtures. They control the teams participating, the locations, the time, the date and possibly the overs (match length).How to edit an RSG file?They can be easily edited by the Notepad.A simple understanding of an RSG file.Every RSG has a particular set of itself and that cannot be changed. Changing it will cause the game to crash. So, there is a big limitation in editing the RSGs. Let us see how the teams and stadiums (locations) can be edited/added/deleted.Pool games are added in the tags followed by the number of games and the pool number (ID).For example, this tag represents that this is the first round and the pool has 6 matches. Desperate housewives s05e15 rapidshare free.


The IDs begin from 0 and so the first pool has the ID 0, second has the ID 1 and so on. Quote: The maximum we can do by editing an RSG is to edit the teams, stadiums, time and date.Teams and stadiums can be edited through editing the contents of the and tags respectively and the time can be edited by change the “Night” boolean value. Date can be edited by editing the “Day”, “Month” and the “Year” value in numerics.Resources:The RSG files.

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