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Contents.Versions The original released 500 GB HDD PS4s had manufacturer serial numbers of the form CUH-10 XXA; a minor modification with a different form of Wi-Fi was registered in mid 2014 as part numbers CUH-11 XXA.In 2015, the CUH-12 series as variants CUH-1215A and CUH-1215B (with 500GB and 1TB storage respectively) were certified in the US by the. Differences between the CUH-11 and CUH-12 series included a reduction in rated power from 250W to 230W, a reduction in weight from 2.8 to 2.5 kg, and physical buttons. The CUH-12xx series are also referred to as the 'C chassis' variant of the PS4.In late June 2015, a 1TB CUH-11 series machine was announced for European/ markets.The CUH-1200 series was officially announced in June 2015, releasing first in Japan, then worldwide.

Changes to the design included a matte black HDD cover replacing the original gloss black version. Other minor changes to the design included mechanical buttons replacing electrostatic, and a shorter but brighter LED indicator on the top surface of the console. Internally the CUH-12 series included a number of minor changes, including the change to 8 memory modules of 1 GB (from a previous 16 modules of 512 MB).At a PlayStation official event in New York (USA) in September 2016 Sony officially announced a new redesigned PS4, the CUH-2000 series, (known colloquially as the 'PS4 slim') for sale from 15 Sep at $299, €299, £259, or 29,980 Yen for the base 500GB model. According to a Sony press release the new model (CUH-2000) was 16% lighter and used 28% less energy than the CUH-1200 series. A 1TB model at 34,980 Yen was also announced. At the same event a more powerful variant, named the 'PS4 Pro' was also announced, designed for and displays.

PlayStation 4 Pro The upgraded 'PS4 Pro' (originally codenamed 'Neo', product code CUH-7000) uses a more powerful APU initially built with a FinFET process from. While the number of logical processor cores (8) remained the same, CPU clock speed was increased from 1.6 GHz to 2.13 GHz (a 33.1% improvement in CPU core clockrate), but with the underlying architecture unchanged. The number of graphics Compute Units on the APU was doubled to 36 (GCN) Compute Units (from 18), with a clock speed increase to 911 MHz (from 800 MHz), resulting in a theoretical performance metric of 4.19 TeraFLOPs. Compared to the original PS4 GPU, this is a 2.27X increase in single precision FLOPs. Improvements in GPU 16-bit variable float calculations derived from the newer AMD Vega architecture result in the PS4 Pro having a theoretical half precision floating point performance of 8.39 TeraFLOPs.Overall unified system memory architecture has been improved, with the addition of another 1GB segment of DDR3 DRAM.

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Ps4 manual update

Ps4 Manual Update

The PS4 Pro is able to use this increase in memory to swap out non-gaming applications that run in the background, like Netflix and Spotify. As a side benefit to this, an additional 512MB of GDDR5 is available for developers to use for games adding up to 5.5GB, as opposed to the 5GB available on base PS4 hardware. GDDR5 memory speed was increased from 5.5 Gbit/s (or 4x 1.375 GHz) to 6.8 Gbit/s (or 4x 1.7 GHz) increasing total memory bandwidth to 217.6GB/s which correlates to a 23.8% improvement.Some elements added to the design were derived from AMD's newer Polaris and newer architectures; such new features of the processor included a video codec supporting up to 4k resolution. Other specification changes included HDMI output being upgraded to HDMI 2.0b standard, with 2.2 compliance. Wireless networking included 5 GHz band support using the standard, and support was upgraded to version 4.0; wired LAN was as the original PS4. The rated power of the original PS4 Pro was 310W.The PS4 Pro does not support (UHD BD) discs, used for 4K content, as the internal drive does not support the format (100GB+) required for 4K video, though on preliminary tests the console is able to recognize and play these discs on a 4K capable USB 3.0 external disc drive. The decision not to upgrade was predicated primarily on cost.A limited translucent-case version of the PS4 Pro was released in August 2018, which included minor hardware updates.

This new system, model number CUH-7100, besides offering a larger hard drive, used a quieter fan that helped to reduce the noise levels. It also drew power at a consistent rate compared to the CUH-7000, though became slightly hotter than the launch system.A second minor hardware refresh, with model number CUH-7200, was first released in bundles with in November 2018. The newer version, otherwise functionally equivalent to the CUH-7000, has a different power connector, and uses a quieter fan, which, according to, made a 'night and day' difference in the noise level, similar to the improvements in the CUH-7100. It further draws power consistently at 170W, whereas the 7000 while rated at 170W would have brief spikes up to 177W. However, the newer console fan runs slightly slower and became slightly hotter than the 7000 model to gain this improvement.

Processors and memory. 'We have not built an APU quite like that for anyone else in the market. It is by far the most powerful APU we have built to date'.— John Taylor, AMDThe PlayStation 4 uses a semi-custom (APU) developed by in cooperation with Sony and is manufactured by on a process node. Its APU is a single-chip that combines a (CPU) and (GPU), as well as other components such as a and /.

The console also includes secondary custom chips that handle tasks associated with downloading, uploading, and social gameplay. These tasks can be handled seamlessly in the background during gameplay or while the system is in.Though not much is publicly known of the PS4's audio capabilities, the console also contains a dedicated hardware audio module, which can support in-game chat with minimal external resources as well as 'a very large number' of streams for use in in-game audio. APU The main APU (2013 release) had a die size of 19 by 18.3 mm (0.75 by 0.72 in), with GPUs, CPUs and memory controllers on the same die. 2013 release version APUs contained 20 compute units on die, two of which are thought to be present to provide redundancy to improve manufacturing yield. CPUs plus CPU caches make up approximately 15% of the chip area, and the GPU compute units take up approximately 33% of the 348 mm 2 (0.539 sq in) die area.

Yes it is possible.follow this guide for removal and instillation. After the drive is removed if you have a computer with an extra sata power connector and data cable you can power down your system plug it in and boot your system. You can also use an extra external enclosure if you have one. Now this is the tricky part.if the hdd is a 32gb or smaller you can use windows to format it (FAT32).if it is larger than 32gb us this program use version 2.43 (i have never used it but it was recomended on a forum).after you reinstall the hdd it should be a simple follow the instructions on screen.make sure you have a jump drive fromated fat32 as well with the latest ps3 update that you can download herei hope this helpsGood Luck,Cody.

I fixed my nephews PS3 that had a similar problem, as soon as you turned it on it would go straight into the update only to hang about half way into updating and give an error code. There was also another person on here with the same problem and I told them how I got around this problem. You do not need to reformat the drive or loose any of your data or connect it to a computer. Check out the post here:All I did to get rid of the error was to remove the HDD then turn on the PS3 'WITHOUT' the HDD then when you get the 'missing hard drive error code' insert the HDD. Then turn off the PS3, then turn the PS3 back on and be patient just let the update run. I do not know why or how this worked but it worked for me.

Ps3 Update 4 50 Size Chart

The hard drive cover on the left side take it off remove blue screw pull tab and out comes the hard drive i had a problem like that with mine i downloaded a program called miniaide fat32 formatter and i hooked my hard drive up to my computer and formated it and wipe it with the program and it will say unallocated space and the i put it in my ps3 entered safe mode and sytem updated didnt freeze like normal and it worked after trying hundred of trial and error of other things fixed my problem hopefully can fix yours.

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