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Best python html template download
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Best Python Html Template Download

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I want to design my own HTML template with tags like or and then pass data from python to it and let it generate full html page.I don't want to construct document at python side like with. Only data goes to page and page tempalte decides, how data lays out.I don't want to serve resulting pages with HTTP, only generate HTML files.Is it possible?UPDATEI found Jinja2, but I has strange. For example, they want me to create environment with env = Environment(loader=PackageLoader('yourapplication', 'templates'),autoescape=selectautoescape('html', 'xml'))while saying that package yourapplication not found. If I remove loader parameter, it complains on line template = env.gettemplate('mytemplate.html')saying no loader for this environment specifiedCan I just read template from disk and populate it with variables, without extra things?

This entry was posted on 15.01.2020.