Dolnet Saxophone Serial Numbers


.Selmer Serial Number Ranges By ModelAlthough, as the chart below illustrates, the Mark VI was produced until (roughly) serial #378000, this applies only to the Sopranino model. The Soprano, Baritone and Bass Mark VI saxophones were produced until serial #365000 in 1984, and Alto and Tenor Mark VI production ended (approximately) in 1975 at serial #239,595.Super Action 80 Series II, Series III and Reference horns are currently in production. ModelStart #End #1(1904)750(1920)750(1922)4,450(1926)4,451(1926)14,000(1931)11,951(1928)18,700(1935)14,000(1931)28,000(1939)20,900(1935)35,800(1947)27,000(1938)30,000(1941)33,401(1946)55,200(1954)55,201(1954)378,000(1985)231,000(1974)315,500(1981)315,501(1981)378,800378,801(1986)unknownunknown(2001)unknown. Buescher Models. Buffet Models. Conn Models. Couesnon Models.

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Dolnet Soprano Saxophone

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