Canon Lbp 1120 Driver For Windows 8 64 Bit

LbpCanon lbp 1120 driver for windows 8 64 bit free

In the my network I have been expanded old Canon LBP- 1120 on a computer with Windows xp, and I wanted to print on it from the laptop on which was already of Windows 7 x64. It appears this is not something that is not easy, but it is almost impossible, because the 64-bit drivers under seven are not released, and is definitely not released.The problem I have decided and made this note for myself as a keepsake.After some inquiries on the forums, still found a solution to the problem seems to be – but it’s a decision I did not like. It provides server-side – shared folder for incoming PDF-files and a script that feeds their printer.The following solution seemed to me the most beautiful, it I began to feel – But it was not so smooth – it was in an article about printing on a Mac, and I could not find the driver used there “Apple LaserWriter 16/600 PS”, but because I had to pick up another, which would have also worked in 32 and 64 bit versions systems. Adjusted step by step instructions is as follows:1. Downloading Ghostscript – PostScript emulator printer. Set in the folder “C:gs”, while looking like a subfolder called, in my case “gs8.64”, I wrote it in canon.rsp below (in bold).2.

Printer Canon Laser Shot Lbp 1120 Driver

Downloading RedMon – Redirection Port Monitor. Unpack in the “C:gsRedMon” and run setup.exe.3. Create the configuration file C:gscanon.rsp with this text: -IC:gs gs8.64lib;C:gsfonts-sDEVICE=mswinpr2-dNOPAUSE-dSAFER-sPAPERSIZE=a4-mono-sOutputFile='%printer% Canon LBP-1120'Parameter “-mono” is a monochrome printer, remove it when setting up a color printer. The name of the printer (in bold) to adjust their own.4. Put the virtual printer. For this:. Run the standard Add Printer Wizard (Add printer wizard), click “Next”.

Canon Lbp 1120 Driver For Windows 8 64 Bit Download

Choose “Local Printer ” (local printer attached to this computer), click “Next”. Choose “Create a new port“, the port type “Redirect port”, Click “ Next.”. The port name is left as it is, this is usually “RPT1:”, click “ OK”. Select the virtual printer driver – previously downloaded our ( the name of the driver file sp39176.exe). Install the driver, while creating a new printer, the course shows him port RPT1:(Redirected Port). Specify the name of our Virtual Printer (in my case, “Canon”). Rassharivat printer in the usual way (again pointing out the name of the “Canon”)5. Dimonized unp skyrim special edition.

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