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Welcome to StartHacking!What is hacking?No, it’s not digitally breaking into banks or other illegal activity,we’re talking about writing software for fun. Is about makingneat technical projects and learning along the way. Getting started ishard, so we created this website to help! Is this for me?Whether you’re on your way to a hackathon, or just want to learn aboutcoding, this website is for you.StartHacking is an effort to give more people the tools and resourcesthey need to start building software. Whether you are completely newto programming or have already attended a few hackathons, StartHackingcan help you learn the skills you need for your next project. Fromlearning new coding languages to building small projects and masteringAPIs, StartHacking will show you the ropes. Welcome to the world ofhacking!

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Get StartedTo begin, select your platform:.AboutThis guide is a wiki for hackers – it’s a. We really appreciate all kinds of contributions,so if you have anything to add, please!StartHacking.org is.


To program a computer in a clever, and wizardly manner. Ordinary computer jockeys merely write programs; hacking is the domain of digital. Hacking is a subtle and arguably mystical art, equal parts wit and technical ability, that is rarely appreciated by non-hackers. To break into computer systems with malicious intent. This sense of the term is the one that is most commonly heard in the media, although sense 1 is much more faithful to its original meaning. Contrary to popular misconception, this sort of hacking rarely requires cleverness or exceptional technical ability; most so-called ' hackers rely on techniques or exploit known weaknesses and the incompetence of system administrators.

To jury-rig or something inelegant but effective, usually as a temporary solution to a problem. See noun sense 2.

Hack .org

A clever or elegant technical accomplishment, especially one with a playful or prankish bent. A clever routine in a computer program, especially one which uses tools for purposes other than those for which they were intended, might be considered a hack. Students at technical universities, such as MIT, are famous for performing elaborate hacks, such as disassembling car and then reassembling it inside his house, or turning a fourteen-story building into a giant game by placing computer-controlled lighting panels in its windows. A temporary, jury-rigged solution, especially in of computer programming and engineering: the technical equivalent of chewing gum and duct tape. A cheap, mediocre, or second-rate practitioner, especially in the fields of journalism and literature: a or incompetent.

Hack Org 2020

A popular way to in more so the NorthEastern side of the nation, in large innercities of high concentration. The person usually stands on the road and says something to the effect 'Yo, you got me on a hack, 'round there to a nearby location?'


To the driver of the car. If accepted the driver becomes a temporary cab driver, and usually the is suppposed to give directions, although they are usually trying to be cool, and just point like some dumbasses. At the completion you give the driver like a small bill like a $5 or $10.

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As I said popular in the New York, and Baltimore regions of innercities. No offense but usally ghettos.

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