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Quake remains one of the most popular video games that was ever released. Quake 1 was released in 1996 and because of its instant success the developers released Quake 2 the next year in 1997 which became even much more popular. Quake 3 came out a few years later, but the legendary popularity of Quake 2 stayed unchallenged. Even after all these years, there are thousands of people all over the world who delve into the pleasure of playing the old game on their new computers.If you are one of the those old gamers who wants to relive the Quake 2 times from the late 90s, then you can install Quake 2 in your new Windows 10 computer using the Quake II Starter package.

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This package is designed by a Quake enthusiast and packs all the patches and updates to enable easily playing Quake 2 in Windows 10 without having to patch and change files manually.Here is how you can install Quake 2 in Windows 10 easily:. Download Quake II Starter installed from (just click on the red download button). Launch the installer and when you reach the step to download files select tastyspleen.net server to proceed because other servers are annoyingly slow. Wait for the Quake 2 demo files to be downloaded from the internet. When the files have been downloaded, you will have the option to launch Quake II. Alternatively, you can double-click on q2pro.exe located inside the Quake II install directory. The game launches full-screen and loads the demo files.

You can start playing Quake II on your computer without any trouble.Obviously, this package contains only the updated demo versions of Quake II (which are very engaging and addictive) but if you want to play the full version of Quake II, then you can either buy Quake II from Steam (which comes with all the updated files so that you can play it on Windows 10) or you can use your old Quake II CD from 1997 which contains old files that might not work in Windows 10.

.Yamagi Quake IIYamagi Quake II is an alternative client for id Softwares Quake II. Ourgoal is to provide the best Quake II experience possible, we strive topreserve the gameplay as it was back in 1997. Thus we aim mostly for bugfixes, stability and gentle enhancements were appropriate. FeaturesYamagi Quake II has a lot of unique features. The most notables onesare:. A modern OpenGL 3.2 renderer, providing a greatly enhanced look andfeel.

The original OpenGL 1.4 and even the Software renderers arestill supported. Both 3D accelerated renderers support anisotropicfiltering and multisampling anti aliasing. Full support for widescreen displays and arbitrary resolutions. TheHUD can be scaled to be readable on high resolutions.

Support for surround sound, from stereo up to 7.1 channels and evenHRTF. The background music can be played from OGG/Vorbis files, a CDdrive is no longer necessary. A rewritten savegame system. Yamagi Quake II savegames are completelyreliable and backward compatible between releases. Highly precise timings. For example, on a flat panel display with a59.95 hertz refresh rate and vertical synchronisation (VSync) enabledYamagi Quake II is running at exactly 59.95 frames per second.

In comparison with the original client over 1.500 bugs were fixed. TheYamagi Quake II client is very well tested and stable. The dedicatedserver is able to run for weeks without a single restart. Last but notleast the code is fully 64 bit clean and highly portable.Yamagi Quake II supports the following platforms:. FreeBSD.

Linux. OpenBSD.

WindowsSome additional platforms are supported by the community. Yamagi QuakeII works on them, but there may be bugs. The Yamagi Quake II developersmay not be able to fix these bugs due to the lack of required hardwareor software:. Mac OS. NetBSD. SolarisNewsOn 2019-11-29 Yamagi Quake II version 7.42 was released. Changesare:.

The console can now be scrolled with the mouse wheel. (by maxcrofts).

Fix entities on non-horizontal surfaces rendered in full black. Add an option to choose the display Quake II runs on. (by Spirrwell). Add an option to specify the display refresh rate used in fullscreen. Allow mouse sensitivity to be set to non-integral values. Port cvar operations from q2pro. These allow the manipulation of cvarvalues, supported are: dec, inc, reset, resetall and toggle.

Put the client into pause mode during savegame load. This prevents theworld getting forwarded about 100 frames during load, time in whichthe player might be hurt by monsters or the environment.

New commands: listentities allows listing of entities. Teleportteleports the player to the given coordinates. Fix loading of config files not ending in newlines.


A lot of fixes for subtle, long standing AI and game play bugs. (byBjossiAlfreds). Quicksaves can now be loaded and saved throught the savegame menus. The software renderer now skips frames with no changes. This improvesperformance quite a bit, especially on slow CPUs.


(by Denis Pauk)On 2019-02-07 Three Wave Capture The Flag version 1.06 wasreleased. Changes are:.

Small bugfixes. Better compatibility with the current Windows build environment.On 2019-11-29 The Reckoning version 2.09 was released. Changesare:. New commands: listentities allows listing of entities. Teleportteleports the player to the given coordinates. A lot of fixes for subtle, long standing AI and game play bugs.

(byBjossiAlfreds). Fix problem found by PVS studio. (analysis by demoth and fixes byBjossiAlfreds)On 2019-11-29 Ground Zero version 2.06 and was released.

Changesare:. New commands: listentities allows listing of entities. Teleportteleports the player to the given coordinates. A lot of fixes for subtle, long standing AI and game play bugs. (byBjossiAlfreds). Fix problem found by PVS studio. (analysis by demoth and fixes byBjossiAlfreds).

Add back Ground Zero specific monster behaviors, lost during initialmerge in 2008. (by BjossiAlfreds)DownloadsSource code archives for the official releases.

Official Quake 2 Patch

Instructions forcompiling the source into binaries are included:. Yamagi Quake II Client and Dedicated Server:. Three Wave Capture the Flag:. The Reckoning:. Ground Zero:Precompiled Windows binaries:Precompiled Mac OS binaries ( unofficial):Archive with all code and binaries ever released:Precompiled Windows testbuilds: DocumentationThe documentation is included in the source archives and with theprebuild Windows binaries. An online version can be found here:Contribution and BugreportsThe development of Yamagi Quake II is hosted on Github. If you want toreport a bug or send some nice patches please open an issue or a pullrequest in the appropriate subproject.

Quake 1 Soundtrack Patch

You can find our organisationat:If you’re planing to work on a bigger feature, please do yourself afavor and ask if we’re interested before spending time onto it. Wedon’t merge every feature that’s submitted to us just because the codeis already there. Maintainability, integration with the existing codeand our general focus are of great concern, too.© 2003 - 2019 by Yamagi.

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