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Tialing, I'm not sure you've posted in the best possible place-this forum is for strictly adventure games, and reading about Ratatouille, it doesn't sound like that sort of game.I'm not going to move this, because since I'm not familiar with this game, I might be wrong. However, you might try also posting your question down at the Darkside forum-I have a hunch you might be more likely to get help there.Edit: Wow, that was quick!! Obviously I was right that your post belonged in the Darkside, thanks to whoever moved it. Now I just hope you get the help you need.

Tialing32, did you ever get up on that fish net in the garden?My 1st grader just got the PC game for the holidays and we seem to have the same problem. My gut feeling is we simply don't know what key to push - the game seems to be asking for a 'context move key' but there is no such key in the list in either the printed manual or the readme file. I have been looking for walkthroughs, found sparse pickings for other platforms and nothing for the PC. I did get the impression that a double jump is required with this mysterious key. Thanks in advance.Re: Ratatouille pc game12/28/07 03:04 AM 12/28/07 03:04 AMJoined: Jan 2002Posts: 13,453.

I have tried jumping and double jumping both by themselves and before various other keys, with no success. Maybe a RUNNING jump? This is the initial, training level. The game pops up with instructions each step of the way, this one says press the 'context move key' which is never defined in any doc or the key map config. I have noticed that several actions in the ps2 walkthrough have the same ps2 key but on the pc have separate keys.

Maybe something got lost in the translation from French.There must not be many pc copies of this game out there (I wonder why?!)Guess I'll have to try contacting the publisher.would try the demo, but 160MB is simply too much on, yuch, dial up (it's free from my employer). I will get it on my next oppurtunity to borrow someone's broadband. The local cable TV has been so unreliable I simply don't want to deal with this rinky-dink outfit from out of state. Thanks everybody! I will probably give the demo a try tomorrow and maybe I can figure out which key it is.

Too bad my grandson (11 years old) has gone on a trip to Oahu, he could figure it out. I know I had this problem on Polar Express and it was a double jump but you had to be in the right place.I have cable and the download took under nine minutes, I could email it in the zipped form if it would help at all. If I find out anything else, I will post it.Just a thought here, have you looked at the manual on the CD, use explore in My Computer, it might mention something not seen in the manual that came with the game. I have been playing the demo for a little while now and finally came across the context move key when I picked up the bomb in the kitchen. I didn't do anything, just continue/enter and I had it in my ratty paws. I dragged it next to something to blow up and it did.

I have been put into a jar by the nasty kid many times and don't know if there is a way to get out of it or not. There isn't a save feature on the demo, so when I quit out of the game I have to restart, how sad. I would like to purchase this game if it has a save feature, anyone know. Is it a passing a level thing like Polar Express? You can jump and move in any direction at the same time and if you keep pressing enough buttons he will even do a flip over in the air.Edit here:To be honest though, I think this game would be easier on a console, I am going to see if it can be configured for a console type controller. I have been using my brand new Merc Stealth gaming keyboard. Hawka, the game does have save and load commands.

If I read between the lines of the manual, it has slots for 4 user profiles, each capable of holding multiple saves. I believe it also does the waypoint save, in a separate file from explicit saves. I can't check this out while my son is sleeping, I will try to get back to you tomorrow night with a definite answer.

I am not familiar with Polar Express.It will take some practice to control this game well; I personally prefer the mouse to keyboard control. What is this gamepad you mentioned?I may be able to get the demo at work tomorrow (just installed DSL).Thanks again.Re: Ratatouille pc game01/02/08 12:27 AM 01/02/08 12:27 AMJoined: Mar 2003Posts: 2,170. Gary88, the demo has no save feature, it section of the game it is in is the market, so it saves when the boy catches me, but not so I can go back to it. I have a Logitech controller that can be used for some games, like Polar Express (fun game). But Ratatouille works only with the gamepad portion of my keyboard or the keyboard itself but I don't use that. Previous to this I had a Cyber Snipa that sat next to my keyboard.

I don't think they are good for kids though, my grandson who is 11 doesn't like the Snipa, I think the reach is too long for him. He hasn't tryed the keyboard yet.

Ratatouille Ps3 How To Save Game To Computer

I think I am going to buy Ratatouille, just playing the demo has me obsessed already. Hey - I finally got the demo.which doesn't include the training level we were stuck on in the full game (figure that??!)! While my son was playing the demo, we figured out what the mysterious 'context move key' really is: the action/tail swipe key which defaults to 'G'. Now for the hard part in the full game (small spoiler): The height of the net requires a double jump, the flower pot under the net requires forward motion during the jump ('W' key by default), and if you press the action key ('G') while close enough to the net, you can cling to the net and climb it.

In review, press: jump, jump, forward, and action all in quick succession. Eureka!Sorry it took me so long to get back here, I have just been busy. Thanks again to all who tried to help, including hawkavonpuka for the link to the demo.Re: Ratatouille pc game01/12/08 02:40 PM 01/12/08 02:40 PMJoined: Mar 2003Posts: 2,170. I got the game a couple of days ago, got through the tutorial fine, the fence post jumping was the hardest. There is a little more to it than the tut would imply.

Ratatouille Ps3 How To Save Game

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I went to the games website support to fine the answer to the complex move key is. It is ridiculous that it was left out of the manual.

Now I am playing the actual game and of course can't catch up going down the river. You have to be steering, jumping and trying to paddle faster all at the same time. I think I am going to cut my camera movement down some more.

Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I'm looking for some help with this game.It's supposed to be fairly easy (I'd imagine since it's based off an animated film) and the main storyline seems to be, but I can't figure out how to collect all the light bulbs for the colony.In the very first level ( past the tutorial and the rafting), in the sewer, there is a light bulb up very high, on the left, in a little dead end tunnel.You can't jump up there, there's nothing around to jump off of, to get there, anyone know how to get it?It doesn't make sense to me. There is a little ledge that runs the length of the map,and under the area, but if you go up to the stairs where you can jump on to the ledge, you are blocked by a pipe on either end that you can't maneuver around to get back onto the tiny ledge.It is well placed to prevent any sort of jump, past it on to the ledge. There must be some other way, but I'm out of ideas and for a game that's also for kids, you'd think it'd would be a little easier? That, or I'm just missing something obvious.I'll also add, that anything special you can climb on (like a net), or use like something to pick up, is usually highlighted by a shimmering light, of which there is none in the area for that one particular part that I can see.I've looked at the one and only walkthrough out there, but it focuses on the main story only, which is easy to figure out.Any help would be appreciated.Re: Ratatouille pc game08/18/08 03:25 PM 08/18/08 03:25 PMJoined: Apr 2004Posts: 48,259. Your telling me! I've been looking around and can't find anything in regards to collecting the light bulbs or stars.Usually, someone would be all over this kind of thing to complete the game fully.Just to update: The level I'm referring to is PARIS ARRIVAL, home stink home.It is the very first part where it mentions the collecting of light bulbs and stars.I found a screenshot of the area.It's a view from the top of the stairs. On the right, in the hole is where the light bulb is.

You can see the little ledge just above it.

AdvertisementIt’s important to If you've ever lost a video game save to a power outage or corruption, you know how devastating it feels. Here's how to make sure you never lose save data again. A corrupted hard drive, accidental overwrite or deletion, or even a glitch in your game could destroy hours of progress.On the PlayStation 3, you have several options for backing up and importing saved data. Here’s how to protect your PS3 game saves. Before You Back UpYou can back up your PS3 saves Thinking about buying a data drive for storing file backups? Here's what you need to know if you want to make an informed decision., such as a flash drive, external hard drive, or SD card. If you're got a PS4 or Xbox One, you've probably thought about subscribing to PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold.

Let's see what they offer gamers for the price. Can also back up save data to the PS Plus cloud. Visit the to sign up if needed.If you’re backing up locally, make sure you have an appropriate drive ready. Any flash drive or external hard drive will work, as long as it’s formatted in FAT32. Other formats, such as NTFS, do not work with the PS3. Since FAT32 has a maximum partition size of 2TB, you shouldn’t use a drive larger than that — though you shouldn’t need nearly that much space.

Note that you can’t install games on an external drive. If you need more storage space for games, you’ll need to delete some or The days of having a slot-in memory cartridge are far gone - a few hundred gigabytes would be modest by today's standards. Let's upgrade. Luckily, Sony made it really easy and user-serviceable to upgrade the.

Backing up games isn’t necessary anyway, as you can always re-download them from the PlayStation Store. Formatting Your Drive as FAT32Warning: Formatting your drive will permanently erase everything on it. Make sure to copy any important files to another location before proceeding!

To format your A file system is the tool that lets an operating system read data on any hard drive. Many systems use FAT32, but is that the right one, and is there a better option?, first connect it to your PC.On Windows, open a File Explorer window and navigate to This PC. Look for your drive; it will likely have the name of its manufacturer. Right-click it and choose FormatIn the Format dialogue, make sure File system says FAT32.

Everything else you can leave as the default. Feel free to change the Volume label (which is its name) for easy identification. On a Mac, press Command + Space to Spotlight has been a killer Mac feature for years, with Cupertino regularly schooling Redmond in the art of desktop search. Here are a few tips to help you find more on your Mac. For Disk Utility. Launch it, then select your external drive from the left sidebar.

Choose Erase at the top of the window, enter a name, and make sure Format says MS-DOS (FAT).Select Master Boot Record for the Scheme and click Erase. When it’s done, you’ll have a FAT32-ready drive.Image Credit: How to Make a Full PS3 System Backup. Connect your drive to your PS3 using any available USB port. On the PS3 home screen, navigate to Settings System Settings.

Select Backup Utility. You’ll see three options: Back Up, Restore, and Delete Backup Data. Select Back Up. Confirm the backup operation, select the device you want to back up to, and then wait for the backup to finish. This backs up all the data on your PS3 with a few exceptions.

It won’t transfer any DRM isn’t a recent invention. There are games twenty years old that try to throw off hackers, pirates and thieves through various means, some of which are devious or downright evil. Pirating a game is., or PS1/PS2 games. Certain PS3 games also don’t let you back up their saved data.Make sure your drive has enough space to back up everything before you start. While PS3 saves don’t take up much space, games, movies, and music can take up a good amount.

You can see how much space you’re using by navigating to Settings System Settings System Information.Restoring a Full BackupWhen you need to restore your PS3 backup, perform the following steps. Connect the drive containing your full backup. On the PS3 home screen, navigate to Settings System Settings. Select Backup Utility. You’ll see three options: Back Up, Restore, and Delete Backup Data.

Select Restore. Confirm the restore operation, select the device you want to restore from, and wait for the operation to complete.However, know that doing this will delete everything on your system in the process. Because you can’t pick exactly what to back up, it’s a good idea to make a full system backup and Redundancy is frequently confused with backups. Indeed, the concepts are relatively similar, albeit with some important differences. Backing Up Individual PS3 SavesFor a more fine-tuned backup, you can choose individual saves. This works with any data on your PS3 (including pictures and videos), but here’s how to back up individual save game data:. Insert your USB storage device into your PS3.

Navigate to Game Saved Data Utility (PS3). Press the Triangle button and select Copy Multiple. Check all the games you want to back up saved data for, then press OK. Choose your USB drive as destination device, then wait for the copy operation to complete.Game saves are usually only a few megabytes, so you should be able to back up your most important saves even on a small flash drive. Back Up to the PlayStation Plus CloudIf you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can also use the above method to back up your saves to the cloud. Follow the same steps, but choose Online Storage as the backup destination instead of an external device.For convenience, you can also have your PS3 automatically upload your saved games to the cloud. To do so, follow these steps:.

Navigate to Settings System Settings. Choose Automatic Update On. Select a time period you’d like your PS3 to automatically turn on to perform background tasks. Then, specify everything you’d like it to perform automatically.

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