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The Learning and Development Centre aims at providing high quality and effective training, develop and improve standards across all operations, create value by developing skills required to achieve targets, and promote the highest standards of health, safety & security. The Centre also firmly believes in professional excellence through empowering staff as BAS’ most valued asset.The Centre trained 8,000 trainees in the last five years.

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It also attracts external customers who desire to acquire knoweledge, experience and earn a certification.The Centre provides more than 850 training courses annually, including theoretical, practical training and e-learning.

Iata Training Courses In Mauritius

Iata Training Courses In Bahrain

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IATA or the International Air Transport Association helps monitor the and train the air transport industry to promote safe, reliable, secure and economical air travel for the world's consumers. IATA has over 260 airline members which compose of 83% of all air traffic and is present in over 60 countries around the world.There are currently five IATA Courses in Qatar available. The IATA courses in Qatar cover various fields in the airline industry and are provided by Qatar Skills Academy in the city of.If you already have an IATA certification, please check our.

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