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Nanofiltration systems offer industrial plants with additional benefits that reverse osmosis fails to provide. Such advantages include the consumption of less water, more efficient in removing hardness (suspended solids) than RO, including foul taste and smell problems.Industrial nanofiltration systems are designed with advanced nanotechnology for the purposes of improving the capability of removing extremely high TDS levels from water. These NF systems are built-in with elastic features that have fewer maintenance requirements than RO systems and water softeners, including being less prone to fouling.Industrial users favor the utilization of nanofiltration systems over RO systems due to its greater capacity in allowing the passage of designed minerals and preventing the passage of unwanted organic compounds. This feature makes nanofiltration ideal in treating water sources that contain high degrees of bivalent ions such as calcium, magnesium, uranium and radium.NF systems also have earned its reputation as being the most efficient hardness removing membrane technology on the market through targeting and eliminating hardness from water. Just as are efficient in eradicating color, viruses, bacteria, and organic substances, nanofiltration provides the same productivity, along with removing other impurities such as pesticides, and microorganisms. All of these qualities result in the production of high-quality freshwater at a lower cost due to nanofiltration systems using less energy than RO systems.Pure Aqua manufactures and distributes a complete category of tailor-made nanofiltration systems, which come equipped with advanced 3D computer modeling and process design software for precise and custom-made solutions.

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Operating Specifications:.Max. Feed water temperature: 42°C.Feed water pressure: 20 to 50 psi.Operating pressure: 80 to 125 psi.Hydrogen Sulfide must be removed.Turbidity should be removed.Max. Iron content: 0.05 ppm.Feed water TDS: 0-1,000 ppm.Equipment upgrade for higher TDS values.Hardness over 1 GPG requires antiscalant dosing.pH tolerance range: 3-11.Max. Silica Tolerance: 60 ppm @ 60% recovery.Operate at higher TDS by lowering recoveryModel NumberPermeate Flow RateQuantity of MembranesMotor at 1,000 ppmApprox. Weight (lbs)Dimensions L'xW'xH'GPDM 3/D60Hz (hp)NF-200K-475850x72x80NF-225K-565200x72x80NF-270K-66,02300x72x80NF-320K-76,21200x72x90NF-360K-86,36400x72x90NF-410K-96,55300x72x90NF-450K-106,70500x72x90NF-500K-116,89400x72x80NF-550K-117,08350x72x90NF-600K-137,27350x84x92NF-700K-147,65250x84x94NF-800K-167,200350x84x96NF-900K-187,650350x84x98For more information, please/custom-specifications. Industrial Nanofiltration Systems Made in USA by PURE AQUA, INC. 06:54Industrial Nanofiltration Systems Made in USA by PURE AQUA, INC.

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