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To remove anything else that could be causing problems, I did the following: disabled CPU overclocking, installed clean Windows 10 build 10041 (Russian language, x64) from USB stick, downloaded latest updates to build 10049 (using Fast Ring), then afterreboots downloaded more updates, rebooted again, then immediately installed Total Media Theatre 6, rebooted (the installer asked for reboot), launched unpatched version, it asked for activation code for TMT6, then it showed the main screen of a program - noBSODs. Next I installed a patch for TMT6 to latest version (I think the patch is necessary to play some newer Blu-Rays), rebooted again (the patcher asked to reboot too), then launched the TMT6 again - and it immediately crashed to BSOD!I include minidump.dmp file, MSINFO32.nfo file and Speccy spec.txt file (as advised on the page in your link) in archive. Have you seen the ArcSoft forum post:boorya:Just found that this is ArcCtrl service causing system slow boot (up to 25 seconds) using windows perfornance log. Tried to change it`s start type to 02 and this worked - without breaking TMT6 functionality. The problem was ArcCtrl forced windowsto wait for it`s initialization, but with the fix service is starting in parallel with other drivers, services, etc.May be this would be usefull for someone.

Registry file code to save as.reg file:Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00HKEYLOCALMACHINESYSTEMControlSet001ServicesArcCtrl'Start'=dword:00000002Be carefull while editting windows registry. To restore original setting change00000002 to 00000001After installing your first version, check ArcCtrl.sys (591KB depending on version) and copy to desktop. The early version may work and is a smaller file. You can then update to last version.

Rename the later version of ArcCtrl.sys (3238KB) and replace theearly version. Even try to disable ArcCtrl.sys by it never loads.Eric Ible ABC DE FGH IJK etc.

Amerture at work - Please mind the steps! Had a bit more of a play but only in a VM and this is what I've tried.

Install (activate)(reboot if you like). Red alert 2 full game pc. Copied installed folder to desktop (rename to prevent overwrite ot merge).

Total Media Extreme 2  Link

install update. Copy that folder to desktop tooTry and run uTotalMediaTheatre6.exe from either folder. may run theatre mode and may lose Open drop down box.Possibly to Fix MKV playback, rename CODEC folder in then copy/move the CODEC folder from to (on desktop) and try playback.Maybe as a 10 workaround, you could install and update then copy CODEC folder. Uninstall, then reinstall and use the update CODEC folder within the install directory.Same file with update CODEC folder.May help for now.I don't think has Online Video Access like has but seems to after CODEC update. Eric Ible ABC DE FGH IJK etc. Amerture at work - Please mind the steps!

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