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I feel like I just seen the sun for the first timeYou make my life bright cause you shineIt's me and you baby, it's our timeI'm living my dream, girl cause you mineYou got me skippin down the streetAnd singin love songs all out of keyI didn't smoke nothin but I feel so highAnd I know whyIt's a love thing, it's got to beYour heart's all locked and I got the keyIt feels like I just won the lotteryCause I got my girl and she got meYou my new obsessionAll I want to doYou my new obsession, girl.

.Length3: 30,S.A. Gordysingles chronology'(2008)' La La La'(2009)'(2009)Music videoon' La La La' is a song performed by American recording duo. It was released as the second single from their debut studio album (2009) and first sent to on September 8, 2009.The song was used in a dance performance choreographed by during the featuring and from;, Katee Shean, and Mark Kanemura from, and from.The song garnered average commercial outcomes for LMFAO in the, compared to those of their previous single '. The song reached its highest peak on the, at number fifty-five. Contents.Music and structure 'La La La' is an song in the key of that has prominent and characteristics with influences of 1980s. It is lyrically about feeling 'on top of the world' from having an obsessive love/compassion for someone. It is composed heavily of 1980's synthesizers, rhythmic hi-hats, and the usage of a during the song's chorus.Critical reception Fawn Renee of Planet Ill commented that '“La La La” slows the pace of the album down a bit, with its heavily synthesized, rhythmic hi-hat beat, and substantive lyrics about the stimulation behind developing feelings for the opposite sex.

This proves to be a nice change-of-pace for an album laden with songs that make you feel like you’re at a never-ending rave.' Mikael Wood of Los Angeles Times commented that 'Yet like of, the rapper at least views hedonism as a participatory endeavor, not just something to be creepily observed from the VIP section. That gives tracks such as 'La La La' and 'Leaving U 4 the Groove' a welcome sense of conviviality.' John Bush of favored 'La La La'.Music video The music video was released by Universal Music Group on November 25, 2009. The video starts with Redfoo engineering a on their computer called 'La La La Experience'. Sky Blu volunteers to try it out by inserting the likeness of the girl desired to test it. They stare at pictures of American group, especially at group member Chelsea Korka (who is Sky Blu's girlfriend in reality).

Lmfao La La La Lyrics

They take her picture and add it into the simulation. The program then begins with a portion of 'Lil' Hipster Girl' leading into the title-song of the music-video. The video features a colorful neo-space theme that fits the songs lyrics of euphoria and love of a woman. Sky Blu and Red Foo are seen interacting separately with their love interests (Korka & from respectively) during each verse and many characters are seen during the chorus and the ending of the song.

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This video also includes the first known appearance of the Shuffle Bot. In this video, the Shuffle Bot is silver, in the new ones it is gold.Popular culture.

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